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Procedures to Treat Old Looking Neck Skin/Turkey Neck

What is Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck is the name commonly used for sagging, loose skin on the neck, often specifically directly under the chin.  

What Causes Turkey Neck?

As we age, our skin naturally loses elasticity and laxity, or the ability to “bounce back.” Age is the most common cause of turkey neck; it is likely that most adults will experience some loosening of the skin around their neck as they age. However, there are a number of other potential factors that can result in turkey neck at any age.

1) Loss of Skin Elasticity

Skin loses the ability to stretch and contract as we age, since our bodies stop producing the collagen and elastin that gives skin its natural elasticity and laxity. This loss of collagen and elastin can result in droopy, sagging skin on all areas of the body, including the neck. 

2) Muscles Tightness

Over time, the muscles that strengthen your neck may become weaker and looser, which can cause your skin to appear more droopy and less tight. 

3) Excess Neck Fat

Excessive weight or weight gain that includes weight gain to the neck can result in turkey neck, since surplus fat can cause the skin on the neck to stretch. 

4) Bone Distribution

The hyoid bone, which is a small U-shaped bone in the neck, can affect the appearance of turkey neck. If this bone is set forward, away from the spine, the skin on your neck may appear less tight, causing the appearance of turkey neck. This lack of tightness caused by the placement of the hyoid bone can worsen as you age and your skin begins to loosen naturally. 

Prevent Old Looking Neck Skin

While the loss of collagen and elastin is a natural byproduct of aging, there are some things you can do to help prevent or lessen the appearance of loose skin on your neck.

1) Exercises

Some exercises that are specifically designed to target the neck muscles can help reduce the appearance of turkey neck by stretching and strengthening those muscles. Some types of exercise include:

  • Pressing one hand against your forehead and pushing your head against it, without allowing your head to shift forward in position
  • Leaning your head backwards and making a kissing motion with your lips, to engage the front neck muscles
  • While lying on your back on your bed with your head hanging over the edge, lift your head up, using only your neck muscles to do so

2) Skin Care

Certain skin care ingredients can help treat loose, excess skin. Look for creams or lotions containing retinol, peptides, alpha-hydroxy acids, or hyaluronic acid. It is also important to protect your skin from the sun to help decrease the signs of aging. 

3) Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Your overall health and wellness habits have a significant impact on the health of your skin. Getting plenty of exercise can help avoid the likelihood of developing turkey neck due to weight gain or excess fat around the neck, and can also help strengthen your neck muscles. Avoiding smoking and alcohol use, and staying well-hydrated, can also help your skin retain its youthfulness, as can eating a balanced, nutritious diet. 

Also, if you are often sitting at a desk or using a computer, pay careful attention to your posture: “tech neck,” the result of looking down at a computer or phone for many hours a day, can intensify the wrinkles and creases in your neck. Adjust your desk to be more ergonomically suited to good posture. 

Surgical Way to Treat Turkey Neck

While some lifestyle choices and over-the-counter products may help prevent or moderately lessen turkey neck, cosmetic procedures are the best way to drastically and permanently eliminate excess, drooping skin around the neck. 

1) Necklift

A necklift procedure removes excess skin on the neck and chin. During the procedure, which is performed under local or general anaesthesia, an incision is made under the chin. Any excess fat is then removed, and excess skin is removed as well. It is possible for your hyoid bone to be adjusted during this procedure. Muscles, including the platysma bands, can also be tightened. 

2) Liposuction

Liposuction can also be used to eliminate turkey neck. A liposuction procedure will involve a small incision being made, and any excess fat being melted and then aspirated through a special device, called a cannula. Liposuction can be combined with a necklift. 

Non-Surgical Way to Treat Turkey Neck

There are also a number of highly effective, non-surgical procedures that can treat turkey neck, if outpatient surgery is not an option, or is not something you wish to undergo. 

1) Botox Injections

Botox injections work by blocking the chemical signals to nerves and muscles that cause them to contract. This can result in a tighter appearance, including on the neck, and can also help to smooth out creases or wrinkles caused by aging or by “tech neck.”

2) Laser Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening procedures work to treat superficial and skin-deep concerns by using heat to reduce fat, smooth out wrinkles, and tighten the skin. There are a number of laser skin tightening procedures available at SpaMedica, including VelaShape, fractional CO2 treatments, and FotoFacial treatments, that can all be used to target turkey neck. 

How Much Does It Cost to Treat Turkey Neck?

The cost to treat turkey neck will depend on what type of procedure you choose, and whether multiple treatments are required. Surgical procedures such as a necklift will be more costly than non-surgical options, such as Botox; however, with non-surgical procedures, multiple treatments are often required, and results are generally not as long-lasting. 

How to Choose a Turkey Neck Doctor at SpaMedica?

At SpaMedica, our team of expert clinicians and surgeons will work with you to determine your primary concerns and desired outcomes, and will build a treatment plan that will offer the best chance at your ideal results. All of our surgeons have decades of experience on all types of cosmetic procedures, including delicate facial procedures like those used to target turkey neck. 

Turkey Neck Solutions at SpaMedica

Whether you are interested in a non-surgical option such as a Botox injectable or a surgical procedure like a full neck lift, the team at SpaMedica will work with you from your consultation to your recovery to help you improve your self-confidence and self-image. Contact the clinic to book your consultation today. 

Neck Lift

A small incision under the chin will reduce sagging skin under your chin or localized fat deposits by removing fat and tightening the muscles.


Used to achieve the contoured and desired look that is sometimes unattainable by diet and exercise.

Botox Injection

Works to relax the facial muscles that are responsible for facial movement, reducing and softening signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

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