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Procedures to Treat Breast Asymmetry

Uneven BreastPeople with breast asymmetry suffer from a relatively common condition, specifically, visibly and unusually asymmetrical breasts. There is a typical and normal amount of asymmetry between any two ears, eyes, hands and feet. However, marked asymmetry and noticeable asymmetry in body parts is unusual and can be perceived as unattractive. Significant, noticeable and aesthetically displeasing breast asymmetry, where each breast differs by more than half a cup or cup size from the other can be aesthetically displeasing and can lead to aesthetically compromised figure, shape and form.


Breast asymmetry patients can be treated at SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Clinic with a combination of either a breast lift (Mastopexy) or breast reduction procedures on the larger side and/or breast augmentation on the smaller side or just breast augmentation on the smaller side with or without a breast lift. Successful treatment will improve balance and proportion of the breast and figure.

The purpose of the procedures will be to add symmetry with the breasts by either adding or reducing volume from one of the breasts. The doctor will schedule a consultation with you to discuss the goals of the procedure, whether it is make one of the breasts bigger or smaller.

We have Vectra 3D imaging for you to determine how to redefine your breasts. This machine allows you to test out different breast size through a computing system.


Once breast symmetry procedures have been performed, either breast reduction or breast augmentation, it is uncommon to have significant recurrence of the asymmetry. If asymmetry were to recur surgery can be performed again.


Patients can secure a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica team simply by filling out the online consultation form or call now at 1-877-712-8367 to schedule a breast asymmetry consultation and treatment today in Toronto, ON.