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Sun Spot & Freckle Removal Toronto


Freckles are pigmented spots that are formed by sun exposure. Freckles can be light to dark and vary in size. Most freckles occur on the face, arms, back, neck and chest.

Length of Procedure
30-45 minutes
SpaMedica Clinic, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
None required
Alternative Names
Sun Spots

Procedure Details

Best Freckle & Sun Spot Treatment Toronto

What are freckles, brown spots and sun spots?

Freckles, brown and sun spots appearance on your skin as a result from chronic exposure to the sun and its harmful ultraviolet and infrared light rays. Chronic exposure to the sun, even with sun blocks, exposes the skin to ultraviolet light type C waves, radiation as well as infrared radiation. The chronic exposure of your skin to these harmful rays, especially in this era of diminished ozone, results in a degeneration of your skin. The characteristics of sun damaged skin are thinning of the skin, wrinkling of the skin, especially on skin areas of the cheeks, around the mouth, the eyes, the neck, the chest and back of the hands.  as well as proliferation of multiple brown spots, freckles or age or sun spots and, finally, broken capillaries and spider vessels, which indicate chronic inflammation due to the sun exposure. Many sun spot removal and freckle removal Toronto patients feel that they are protecting themselves by wearing ultraviolet light Sun Protective Factor (SPF) of 30 to 60 blocks. It is important to remember that the sun blocks are primarily for UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation, which helps prevent against the formation of skin cancers. However, SPF 30 or more does not protect against ultraviolet light’s Wavelength C and infrared radiation from the sun. Both are potent stimulators of photo aging, sun damage, as well as freckles and sun spots. The aggregate damage that occurs from photo aging, sun damage, freckles, brown and sun spots makes your skin look old, brown, discoloured, wrinkled, thin and lax.

What is sun spot removal and freckle removal treatment?

SpaMedica provides the best treatment for sun spot and freckle removal in Toronto. Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica have pioneered many of the most advanced treatments for sun damaged skin, especially in the removal of freckles and sun spots. These sun spot and freckle removal treatments generally are a combination of topical advanced doctor-prescribed medical skin care in conjunction with high-tech stratum corneum peel techniques and, most fundamentally laser treatments. Intense pulsed light (IPL) laser energy and radio frequency treatments combined with fractional resurfacing therapies will improve all aspects of your sun damaged skin, freckles and sun spots. The coordinated treatment program will consist of an assessment by Dr. Mulholland’s medical spa coordinator and the creation of a customized treatment sun pot and freckle removal treatment program. It combines elements of stratum corneum reduction and medical skin care with intense pulsed light photo aging and advanced laser systems. This will reduce your freckles and sun spots, any dilated facial spider vessels, red discolouration and brown discolouration. The implementation of radio-frequency tightening for lifting of any lax skin and fractional laser and radio frequency resurfacing devices to reduce sun damage lines and wrinkles.

How many SpaMedica freckle and sun spot removal treatments are required? and How long does treatment program last?

Your SpaMedica freckle and sun spot removal treatment program is usually between three and six treatments, performed once every three weeks. The combined multiple laser light energy-radio frequency applicators are performed on the same visit by Dr. Mulholland’s highly-trained medical aesthetics and nursing staff. Medical skin care and a home photo damage-sun damage skin care program are combined with the laser freckle treatments. Resistant brown spots, sun spots, freckles and sun damage can also be treated with the new generation of Picosecond lasers. The Picosure and Picoway lasers ensure the best clearance of the sun damage, freckles and sun spots from your skin.

Are other areas of freckles, sun spots and sun damaged skin able to be treated as well?

It is very common for Toronto sun damage, freckle and sun spot patients to not just have sun damage and photo aging on their face but also on their neck, décolleté and the back of the hands; even of the forearms, arms and shoulders. SpaMedica has over 20 years of experience at delivering comprehensive photo-rejuvenation, laser and light reduction techniques, not just for the face, but photo aging, photo damage and sun spots of the neck, décolleté, hands, wrists, forearms and other body areas. At the time of your consultation, you can simply outline the areas of fundamental sun damage you are suffering from and experiencing. Your SpaMedica coordinator will customize a total body sun damage treatment program for you.

What kind of anesthetic is used during my SpaMedica sun damage-photo aging and brown spot program?

All these laser, light and energy-based devices, both radio frequency and intense pulsed light laser and fractional resurfacing techniques and PicoSure lasers are all performed comfortably under topical anesthetic cream and a topical chiller device.

Is my freckle and sun spot removal treatment painful?

With any advanced medical aesthetic treatment of the skin that involves laser, intense pulsed light, laser devices and fractional treatment devices, there will be some degree of discomfort. However, this discomfort is greatly minimized by the use of very strong topical anesthetic cream and topical air chillers. Most patients find their SpaMedica sun spot and freckle removal treatment program far less painful than any other kind of aesthetic treatment they may have had. Waxing, eyebrow plucking and even laser hair removal are reported to be less painful than sun spot and freckle removal.

How long does my photo damage, sun damage and age spot treatment take?

In general, most multiple-applicator intense pulsed laser and fractional treatments take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. This treatment is performed once every three weeks for a series of three to six treatments to get optimal results.

How long is the recovery following my sun spot and freckle removal treatment?

After a combination applicator intense pulsed light, laser, fractional and radio frequency tightening procedure, most patients look quite mildly swollen and edematous for one to two hours. All freckles and sun spots tend to look much darker and flake off over five to seven days, but most patients find they can return to work, usually the next day, looking acceptable in makeup following their SpaMedica freckle and sun spot treatment.


After care instructions and expectations

Post care requirements include of staying out of the sun and avoiding direct sunbathing for two to three weeks after each treatment. It is a common misconception that one must avoid all sun exposure after treatments. Simply avoiding direct and extended, prolonged sunbathing is important, but apply appropriate Sun Protective Factor and a hat, one can go out and enjoy sun exposure without direct exposure to the face, neck or chest.


Is there any maintenance required to keep my results?

The ongoing maintenance is simply the once every three to four months recommended “protect your investment” radio frequency bulk heating for any laxity. As you will undergo natural facial aging plus collagen destruction, this program helps maintain that. In addition, there will be ongoing non-sun damage related advancement of wrinkles and the use of IPL Fotofacial brown color correction and fractional technology and even combination therapy with Botox injections and dermal fillers can help protect or extend your rejuvenated investment that you have achieved.

Freckle Removal Results

What kind of results can I expect following my SpaMedica photo damage, sun damage, brown spot and sun spot treatment?

Toronto freckle and sun spot removal patients can expect an excellent result following their treatment program. In general, over 75% to 80% of all brown discolouration and freckles can be removed following a series of treatments. Fifty to seventy percent reduction in dilated spider veins and vessels and a 30% to 50% reduction in macro pores in the T zone, as well as diffuse fine lines and wrinkles can be achieved. There is also a significant reduction in laxity and a lifting effect of the jawline, neck, face and brow. These results in reduction in wrinkles, freckles and laxity can also occur with the same treatment applied to the hand, wrist and forearm as well as décolleté and neck.

How long will the results of my sun spot and freckle removal treatment last?

For patients who take the time, care and attention to avoid excessive post treatment sun exposure of their face, neck décolleté and hands, the results of their SpaMedica can be lifelong. Most patients, however, still experience a modest degree of sun exposure, with outdoor activities such as tennis, golf or gardening. Patients generally will come to SpaMedica once every three to four months for a single combination applicator maintenance treatment to protect the investment in increased collagen and lift and tightening that was achieved. These maintenance treatments are very affordable and can be purchased one at a time or a whole-year maintenance package can be purchased upon completion of your primary SpaMedica freckle and sun spot treatment program.

How Much Does Sun Spot and Freckle Removal Cost?

There is a range of treatment packages available at SpaMedica and a comprehensive consultation with the SpaMedica consult coordinator will help outline the best package for you. In general, a comprehensive package for sun spot and freckle removal costs start as low as $1,500, depending on the number of treatments required to achieve the optimal results.

Next Steps

Toronto freckle and sun spot removal patients should complete the online consultation request form to schedule their appointment. Alternatively, you can call 877-712-8367 to speak directly to a SpaMedica customer service representative who will schedule a sun spot and freckle removal consultation for you now.

Why Choose SpaMedica?

Why choose Dr. Mulholland and SpaMedica for my photo aging, sun damage, brown spot and sun spot treatments?

By choosing SpaMedica, you will choose a centre that has pioneered the treatment of sun damage and photo aging. It will ensure that at SpaMedica you will receive the best technology available with multiple wavelengths, lasers and fractional devices to optimize your overall cosmetic outcome. SpaMedica is Canada’s largest private laser center and with over 40 high tech skin laser and energy systems. Providing the best laser or combination of devices will be used on your sun spots or freckles to get the best possible results.

There will also be the opportunity to see and be treated by Dr. Mulholland himself, or one of his Cosmetic Dermatologists for any residual sun damage or brown spot discolouration that persists following your treatment.