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Whether your concerns are the result of aging, postpartum, illness, trauma, or genetics, your cosmetic breast goals are personal to you. The team at SpaMedica in Toronto can help match you up with a customized cosmetic breast treatment program to address your needs. We offer a range of cutting edge procedures.

Are You A Candidate?

Those interested in restoring and improving the youthful, voluminous, contoured, enhanced, or even symmetrical appearance of their breasts should book a cosmetic breast treatment consultation with Dr. Mulholland at SpaMedica in Toronto to get started.

Breast Asymmetry: Noticeably asymmetrical breasts are a common concern. Cosmetic breast patients at SpaMedica can be treated with a breast lift, a reduction, or an augmentation procedure to improve the balance and proportion of their breasts and overall figure.

Bra Line Fat: Extra fat on the upper back and flank can lead to bulging around a tight bra or shirt. But noninvasive treatments can shrink fat off your bra line. Among these are the UltraShape (ultrasound), the VelaShape (radiofrequency), and numerous liposuction technologies. SpaMedica is additionally Canada’s leader in BodyTite Lipo, BreastTite, VASERLipo, and SmartLipo technologies and treatments.

Droopy Breasts: Breast droopiness is usually caused by age or postpartum. Droopy breasts can be treated with breast lift surgery to elevate and perk up the breast mound and nipple areola complex. If the droopiness is mild, it can also be treated with breast implants.

Large Breasts: Whether hereditary or caused by weight gain, large breasts can present an esthetic concern or even cause neck and shoulder pain or rashes. A breast reduction removes excess fat and tissue surgically, while BodyTite radiofrequency-assisted liposuction reduces breast volume while inducing tightening and lifting.

Breast Skin Tightening: Wrinkles, laxity, and discolouration of breast skin are common, especially as we age. The PhotoFacial uses IPL to improve discolouration, while fractional laser treatments address laxity and smooth out wrinkles. Botox or dermal fillers can also be injected under loose breast skin for an improved appearance, and BodyTite and BreastTite can lift and tighten breast skin nonsurgically.

Small Breasts: Some patients have inadequate volume and projection of the breasts to attractively balance the shoulder, pelvic girdle, and waistline. Whatever their cause, small breasts can be enhanced with breast augmentation by way of implants (commonly cohesive gel), or fat grafting.


Restore youth, volume, tautness, definition, and an even complexion to the skin of your breasts with our variety of surgical and nonsurgical vanguard procedures. Many of our solutions are minimally invasive and allow you to resume your usual activities without delay. At SpaMedica you will undergo a Vectra 3D imaging during you consultation, a high tech 3D photo imaging station that allows you to see the effects of different implants on your volume, projection, and shape, in order to select just the right breast implant for you!

About Us

SpaMedica in Toronto, headed by renowned doctor, author, and teacher Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been expertly treating Toronto patients since 1997 and is one of Canada’s oldest, most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centers. Dr. Mulholland has been performing cosmetic breast augmentation for over 20 years and has long track record of natural, beautiful breast enhancements.

Since 1997
One of Canada’s oldest, most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centers.
SpaMedica in Toronto, headed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been expertly treating Toronto patients since 1997. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica team.
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