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Whether the result of aging, sun exposure, lifestyle, or genetics, we can aid significantly in the reduction of sun spots, freckles, acne scars, loose skin of the face and neck, oily, dry, itchy, or flaky skin, and general loss of volume with a range of cutting edge skin treatments.

Are You A Candidate?

Those interested in restoring and improving their skin’s natural glow and youthful appearance should seek skin rejuvenation treatments and skin tightening treatments with Dr. Mulholland and the SpaMedica team to help address their concerns.

Loose Neck Skin: With age and other factors, the collagen that supports the skin breaks down, leaving areas that were once taut looking saggy. A surgical face or neck lift can address this head-on by expertly resuspending fat and soft tissues, while nonsurgical options like fractional laser treatments can stimulate collagen production for a smoother, firmer appearance. For nonsurgical tightening and lifting, the FaceTite, Morpheus8, Profound, and Forma can provide significant lifting effects.

Rough, Bumpy & Uneven Skin (Keratosis Pilaris): This is a common condition characterized by tiny rough bumps and uneven skin, often affecting the upper arms, among other areas. The SilkPeel and SonoPeel treatments use gentle wet abrasion and ultrasonic energy respectively to remove dead skin cells, fade fine lines, and improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

Sun Spot & Freckle Removal: Freckles and pigmented spots on the face, arms, back, neck and chest can form with sun exposure and are often undesirable. Photofacials combine radiofrequency and infrared energy with intense pulsed light to target dark spots, as well as fine lines, spider veins, scars, and other irregularities. For more stubborn brown spots, age spots, and melasma, the Picosure laser can achieve longterm reduction.

Scar Removal: We treat acne and other scars with a range of nonsurgical procedures. C02 and Erbium skin resurfacing can powerfully smooth skin and stimulate new collagen growth, as can fractional laser treatments and Fractional Radiofrequency procedures, which resurface skin, leaving it plumper and firmer. Photofacials help with collagen too and can colour-correct scar tissue. Finally, dermal fillers may be used to fill indented scars.

Other Areas of Concern

The SpaMedica team in Toronto is expertly poised to offer only the best skin treatments available to treat loose skin, uneven skin, freckles and sun spots, scars or chicken pox scars, dry or oily skin, old-looking neck skin or hand skin, skin tags, the list goes on!


Restore youth, vitality, and a glowing complexion to the skin of your face, neck, and body with our myriad of surgical and nonsurgical options. Many of our solutions are minimally invasive and allow you to get back to everyday life quickly. SpaMedica is Canada’s largest cosmetic laser skin center and offers the widest array of lasers and energy-based devices to treat problem areas on all skin types.

About Us

SpaMedica in Toronto, headed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been expertly treating Toronto patients since 1997 and is one of Canada’s oldest, most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery and Laser Skin Centers. At SpaMedica, you will meet with some of Canada’s most experienced aesthetic professionals, including facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists passionate about addressing your concerns and prescribing personalized treatment programs just for you.

Since 1997
One of Canada’s oldest, most reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centers.
SpaMedica in Toronto, headed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has been expertly treating Toronto patients since 1997. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica team.
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