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Cosmetic Dry Skin Treatments


Dry Skin can is a common skin condition that many individuals suffer from. Generally, skin becomes increasingly drier as we age. This is amplified by certain skin conditions such as eczema.

SpaMedica, Toronto, ON

Are You a Candidate?

Good candidates for dry skin treatments from SpaMedica are candidates that have itchy, flaky patches of skin which can be rubbed off easily. SpaMedica offer many different treatment options for dry skin such as dermal fillers, Silk peels, SonoPeels, and Sonofacials.

Procedure Details

  • What is dry skin? What causes dry skin?

    People suffering from dry skin will start their skincare journey with a complete consultation which will explain dry skin, what causes it and how they can treat it. Dry skin on the face and body is characterized by itchy, flaky patches of skin which can be rubbed off easily. The surface of the skin will have a matte looking appearance and will lack luster. Dry skin can cause premature aging of the skin, showing more fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Can I treat my dry skin and if so, what treatment options do I have?

    Patients suffering from dry skin can be treated with a variety of options at SpaMedica. The SpaMedica SonoFacial procedure provides gentle ultrasound waves of energy to penetrate hydrating serums into the skin. The SonoPeel microdermabrasion, uses gentle cavitation forces to lift off and remove the dead outer scaly layer of skin that contributes to dry skin. The SpaMedica Silk Peel uses a diamond microdermabrador to gently exfoliate the dead cells and then a hydrating serum is infused into the skin, leaving it fresh and moist. The VolumaLift can give added plumpness back the skin by restoring lost volume and the hyaluronic acid that is used to create this youthful volume will attract water in the skin, keeping the skin looking full and youthful. Patients will benefit from the medical grade skin care that will be recommended to you to treat your dry skin.

    SpaMedica recommends the following treatments for people with dry skin:

  • How can I prevent my dry skin from coming back?

    Patients can suffer from either a temporary or chronic condition. Recommended monthly microdermabrasion and SonoFacials may be the solution to the dry skin condition. Medical grade skincare will be advised to keep your dry skin under control and your complexion will appear healthy and youthful.

Next Steps

Patients can secure a consultation with Dr. Mulholland or the SpaMedica team simply by filling out the online consultation request form or call 877-712-8367 now to schedule a dry skin consultation and treatment today.

About Us

SpaMedica has been treating patients with dry skin in Toronto since 1997. SpaMedica is Toronto’s and Canada’s oldest, most recognized and reputable Laser Skin Care and Cosmetic Dermatology center. Our patients also have the advantage of seeing one of SpaMedica’s experienced cosmetic dermatologists for some difficult to treat dry skin conditions.