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SpaMedica Provides Natural Hair Restoration

Have you experienced substantial hair loss, leaving you feeling aged and shy in the workplace? 

Hair loss and unwanted and excessive hair can result in issues with self consciousness and and anxiety about perceptions at work. 

Our hair clinic caters to what you are looking to achieve specifically.

Best Hair Transplant and Restoration in Toronto

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction is the extraction of hair; our most common procedures are ARTAS and NeoGraft hair transplants. FUE is the extraction of hair follicles from the back of the head and implanting on the areas where hair thinning and balding is dominant. ARTAS is a robotic imaging machine that randomly selects hair follicles that are harvested and punched into balding areas. NeoGraft is a manually device used by a hair specialist; it is an automated, motorized rotary punch, aspiration graft harvester and automated, “no touch” implantation machine.

Strip Grafting is an invasive treatment where skin is surgically removed from the back of the scalp, and the hair specialist extracts hair follicles to be implanted on the scalp. It is an effective treatment, but for patients that are looking for less scarring and better precision, we suggest ARTAS and NeoGraft. Areas of Concern for Hair Transplant

Hair loss can occur in areas of the body. The most common region men and women seek to restore hair is on the face and head. Female hair transplant is sought on the eyebrows and eyelashes especially. Some women can be susceptible to female pattern baldness as well. Men seek to hair transplants and restoration on the crown of the head. Other areas include mustache, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes.

SpaMedica offers laser hair removal to permanently remove the growth of unwanted hair. Various lasers are used to optimize success and permanent reduction of hair growth. SpaMedica utilizes different hair removal techniques, we deploy 14 different lasers in your customized program.

Next Steps

Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mulholland to discuss your hair options and create a plan that is best suited for your budget and goals.

About Our Hair Clinic

SpaMedica opened up on streets of Toronto and Yorkville 20 years ago in 1997. Our premier hair clinic specializes in the best hair transplant, restoration and removal care. SpaMedica offers a wide range of hair loss treatments such as ARTAS robotic, NeoGraft, FUE, strip grafting and PRP. We provide treatments in different areas including the head, mustache, beard, eyebrow and eyelashes.

Our hair clinic invites both male and female who are experiencing pattern baldness and thinning. Female pattern baldness can occur just as male pattern baldness. SpaMedica Hair Loss Clinic looks to cater to all types of people that are experiencing hair loss, providing the best hair transplant and re-growth solutions.