​Suture Suspension Threadlift in Toronto

Thread Lift Before & After Pictures

Starts at $6,999
Procedure Time
2 hours
Recovery Time
1-2 weeks

How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

The cost of a Thread Lift starts at $6,999.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Thread Lift?

It takes 1-2 weeks to recover from a Thread Lift.

How Long Does a Thread Lift Take?

It takes 1-2 hours to perform a Thread Lift.

What Is an Injection Thread Lift Suspension?

An injection Thread Lift is a minimally invasive, non-excisional facelift created, developed and pioneered by Dr. Mulholland, SpaMedica’s former Lead Surgeon. After 25 years as Canada’s most recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Mulholland retired from active Plastic Surgery Practice to concentrate on his work with the two companies he co-founded, InMode MD electrosurgical and BoomerangFX, an SaaS software. In 2022, Dr. Mulholland moved to the UK to spread the message of InMode and BoomerangFX globally.

Dr. Bell injects the suspension threads into the facial areas that need lifting. He then pulls on the barbed sutures to lift the skin and secure the suture tightening the skin. This procedure lifts the loose skin instead of removing it, reducing the recovery time.

Who Is an injection Thread Lift Candidate?

If you have visible signs of aging, you might be a good candidate for a Thread Lift. Ideal candidates:

  • Have signs of aging due to sagging skin and do not want a big surgery.
  • Cannot get a facelift due to medical complications.
  • Have reasonable expectations.

If you are not a good candidate for a Thread Lift, you might benefit from one of our other non-surgical options.Read about SpaMedica’s non-surgical treatment options.

Benefits of an Injection Thread Lift

Immediate Lift Effects
Patients enjoy immediate lift effects with an Injection Thread Lift suspension. After the procedure, they will immediately notice a difference in the jowls, neck, brow, and cheeks.

Fast Recovery
Because the procedure is minimally invasive, the recovery is much shorter than a facelift. Most patients can go back to work within a week.

Can Be Repeated
This procedure can be repeated every 1-5 years without the look of multiple cosmetic procedures. Once the results wear off, people can undergo a suspension Thread Lift once again.

Promotes Collagen Production
The skin naturally loses collagen as it ages. This makes people look older. The body has a healing response to the sutures used in a suspension Thread Lift. Part of that response includes sending collagen to the treatment area, which immediately makes the skin look younger.

Thread Lift Risks

Thread Lifts comes with a small chance of potential complications. Selecting a highly experienced, trusted surgeon is paramount to minimize the likelihood of complications. Dr. Bell has years of experience performing injection Thread Lifts and has not experienced most of the complications associated with the procedure and those that do occur are usually easily corrected. 

While rare, some patients experienced irritation at the surgical site. Patients should not rub the area immediately following the procedure to reduce this risk. Even though the injection sutures for the Thread Lift disappear, the lifting fixation knots may irritate the patient under the skin. If enough weeks have passed this suture can be removed.

Infection is also rare. If an infection occurs, patients should contact SpaMedica. Preventative antibiotics are also given. 

Sutures Can Become Visible
The sutures can become visible, although this complication is rare. If this occurs, the surgeon will remove the sutures.

Healing Precautions
Patients must take some precautions when healing. This includes not rubbing the face vigorously and sleeping with the head up slightly for the first week.

Why Choose SpaMedica for a Thread Lift?

As a pioneer of the injection Thread Lift procedure, Dr. Bell provides results patients seek. He is a perfectionist and strives to ensure that each patient is pleased with the outcome of their procedure. He can also combine other age-defying procedures during the Thread Lift.

Different Types of Thread Lifts

SpaMedica offers two types of Thread Lift procedures. You can get a standard procedure or a Composite Thread Lift.

Standard Thread Lift

For the standard injection Thread Lift, the surgeon places sutures in the supportive tissue. The sutures lift sagging skin.

Composite Thread Lift

This procedure is more extended. Dr. Bell puts sutures in the deep and supportive layers of the skin. Patients can choose to go under IV sedation for this procedure. Most patients must heal for a week before going out in public due to the bruising.

Non-Surgical Thread Lift Alternatives

Bulk heating radiofrequency lifting techniques like the Forma, Morpheus8, Facetite, Ulthera or Thermage may also provide some non-surgical lifting effects.

How Is an Injection Thread Lift Performed by Dr. Tom Bell?

Dr. Tom Bell perform or oversee all injection Thread Lift procedures at SpaMedica. Before the procedure, local anesthesia is administered. The cosmetic surgeon then places a small port behind the ears and on the scalp.

Surgical-grade, dissolvable sutures are then injected down a cannula into the lax soft tissue. The thread is used to lift the skin. The cosmetic surgeon might also use other non-surgical anti-aging techniques, such as FotoFacial or Pulse Light Photo Rejuvenation, Morpheus or FaceTite.

Dr. Tom Bell has over 25 years of experience in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the Face and Body. His incredible work has garnered him the title of Canada’s Best Plastic Surgeons by Toronto Life, Fashion magazine and Flare.

How to Prepare for an Injection Thread Lift

Dr. Bell provides patients with specific information about preparing for a Thread Lift during the consultation. Along with those specific instructions, patients should:

  • Avoid smoking for 2 weeks prior to the surgery, and 2 weeks after.
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications and no Aspirin
  • Take a week off work.

What to Expect After an Injection Thread Lift

Patients are amazed by how good they look and feel early on after a Thread Lift. There is minimal bruising, and patients notice the results immediately.

Thread Lift Recovery and Timeline

Day 1: Patients can go home the day of the procedure.

Week 1-2: Patients follow special care instructions for the first week, which includes not rubbing the face vigorously and not rolling on the face when sleeping. Patients can return to work and normal activity.

Best Procedures Paired with an Injection Thread Lift

Dermal fillers, Botox injectable, energy-based devices, like Facetite, Accutite and Morpheus8 are best paired with an injection Thread Lift.

Thread Lift FAQ

How Painful Is It to Get a Thread Lift?

While minor discomfort is normal following a Thread Lift, this procedure is not painful.

How Long Does a Thread Lift Last? Is It Permanent?

The results of a Thread Lift can commonly last 3-5 years or longer. These are long-lasting results for a minimally invasive procedure and make the injection Thread Lift a very popular non-exicisonal lift procedure.

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