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Septoplasty Toronto


Airway blockages can occur from misshapen, traumatized internal structures of the nose, such as the Septum, that might deviate or large structures such as the turbinates may impact upon airflow passing through the nose.

During a cosmetic Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery, Dr. Mulholland can address the anatomical components that contribute to airway blockage.

All of these functional and aesthetic external nasal concerns can be treated through nose reshaping surgery.

Procedure Options

Nasal Septoplasty: Corrects the deviated septum of the nose. This procedure helps improve breathing.

Turbinate Reduction: Reduction of an internal filtering part of the nose (the turbinate). This helps improve airflow.

Nasal Polyp Removal: Removal of polyps that may be obstructing the airway. This treatment is simple, but there are chances of recurrence.


If you have an abnormal appearance of the tip of the nose as a result of birth defects, injury or disease that is cosmetically unattractive or does not “fit” with other facial features, you may be a candidate for cosmetic Rhinoplasty and nose reshaping. If you have breathing blockages on one or both sides of your nasal passages, you may be a Septoplasty candidate.


Many problems associated with a deviated septum can be treated by Septoplasty. Including but not limited to:

• Lack of sleep because of low oxygen levels
• Snoring
• Daytime sleepiness because of improper flow of oxygen

The good news is that Septoplasty functional Rhinoplasty can correct the deformity and help resolve all of these issues.


You will go home with an external cast or splint in place. The inside of the nose may be packed with a soft petroleum gel for 24-48 hours. The cast or splint is usually removed in seven to 10 days.

Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication.

The majority of swelling and bruising subsides progressively over two to four weeks.

External sutures (if any) are removed in four to six days. Internal sutures dissolve.

Semi-final result is evident in three months.

The final result is evident in 12-14 months, which is the time necessary for complete tissue softening.


There is no reason to suffer with breathing trouble when there is a solution. Septoplasty is successful in repairing structural issues with the nose to improve airflow.

You need to ask yourself if you want to cosmetically alter your nose at the same time or if you simply want the airflow fix.

If there is a chance you will want cosmetic work done on your nose or anywhere on your face really, it is easier on your body and cheaper, to combine the procedures and do them at once.

During your consultation, discuss all procedures you are interested in.


During your surgical consultation, the SpaMedica surgical consultant and Dr. Stephen Mulholland will discuss the various options you have and which options are best for you to meet your aesthetic goals. They will provide you with a quote.

A Septoplasty starts from $4,999. Financing options are available.

Next Steps

Doing research online is a great first step to learn about procedures you are interested in. The next logical step is to submit our Question Form and ask questions you may have or schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered by a world renowned Doctor.

The answers will then be specific to you, based on your goals and appearance and any other information you share during the consultation.

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