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Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) in Toronto

Brow Lift Before & After Pictures

Starts at $11,999
Procedure Time
2 hours
Recovery Time
7-10 days
Thomas Bell, M.D
Physician and internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and lecturer.
66 Avenue Road, Suite 4 Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N8

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

SpaMedica’s brow lift procedures start at $11,999. Price is influenced by factors including the extent of the surgery and combination with other procedures. Because the procedure is considered cosmetic and elective, it is not covered by insurance. However, special financing options are available for our patients.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Brow Lift?

Most of the initial swelling and bruising from the treatment will be gone after 7-10 days. Patients can expect to see the final results of the surgery after 3-6 months – a sufficient time frame for scarring to heal and swelling to subside.

How Long Does a Brow Lift Surgery Take?

Brow lift surgery typically takes between 1-2 hours. However, if the patient is undergoing other procedures at the same time, it could take longer.

What is a Brow Lift

As we age, the effects of gravity force our brow and face to droop and fall, changing our appearance. This gravitation descent applies to all areas of the face and vertical descent is applied to the neck, face, and cheeks. Still, the forehead and brow are often the first areas to show descent and signs of the aging process.

Fortunately, the effects can be reversed with a brow lift procedure.

A brow lift procedure elevates aging, heavy eyebrows to a more youthful, rested, elevated and smoother appearance. The forehead wrinkles are lessened and a younger, refreshed look can emerge.

Who is a Brow Lift Candidate?

The brow lift procedure is ideal for those looking to correct saggy brows, asymmetry, or a wrinkle-filled forehead. If the heavy eyebrows and forehead frown lines are causing the patient to appear perpetually tired or worried, the brow lift is an immediate remedy.

In terms of general health, the candidate should be relatively fit and a non-smoker.

Benefits of Brow Lift

Restore Youthful Contour
Reverse the signs of aging by smoothing wrinkles and repositioning brows in a more elevated and youthful position over the upper eyelid.

Reduce Overarching Eyebrow
Raising the brow and forehead areas tightens sagging skin and upper eyelid skin folds and is common in patients with droopy brows. The forehead muscles are trying to overcome the droopy brow and a brow lift effectively reduces overarching eyebrows.

Tighter Forehead Skin
Excess skin is removed, tightening the remaining skin on the forehead.

Minimize Frown Lines
Vertical frown lines (glabellar lines) that develop between the eyebrows are reduced.

Brow Lift Risks

Like all procedures, a brow lift comes with the risk of potential complications. Dr. Bell has been performing brow lift surgery for over 20 years and, after this many brow lifts, the risk of a significant complication is extremely low. Although Dr. Bell has not seen most of the risks listed below, these brow lift risks have been reported:

Scars from Incisions
Scarring might be visible after a brow lift.

Skin Sensation
Temporary or permanent numbness on the forehead.

Asymmetry and Muscle Weakness
Eyebrows can appear too high but this evens out during the healing process.

Hair loss
Hair loss may be apparent at the point of incision.

Why Choose SpaMedica for Brow Lift?

Dr. Bell is recognized for his artistry in performing facial plastic surgery and his philosophy that less is more. He is known for creating results that appear fresh, natural, and youthful, rather than tight or pulled. Dr. Bell as preformed over 5000 facelifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and cosmetic facial procedures.

Different Types of Brow Lift

There are several different brow lift methods to choose from that determine where the incision is made and the type of look it will create. All of which are performed in an outpatient setting under local sedation or general anesthesia. Each technique is designed to target different types of problems.

Dr. Bell will work with you to determine which brow lift method best suits your needs while considering your age, facial structure, eyebrow position, and on what is possible to maximize your appearance.

These are the three types of brow lift procedures offered by Dr. Bell:

Open Brow Lift

The open brow lift, also referred to as a coronal lift, is the oldest brow lift technique. To perform it, the surgeon will make a single incision across the forehead, from ear to ear, on either the hairline or creases. Muscles will be softened and excess brow skin will be determined and removed and the brow will be stitched to its new position.

This is typically the ideal type of lift for older women with a heavier brow and lower forehead.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift is a more advanced technique that requires tiny incisions on the hairline. Through the incisions, a small camera (endoscope) is inserted to view the inside tissue with ease.

This minimally invasive technique only requires 3 to 5 small incisions – shortening the recovery period. Endoscopic brow lifts are good for minimal to modest browlift effects.

Limited Incision

The limited incision technique also referred to as the temporal brow lift, is a hybrid of the open brow lift and endoscopic brow lift. The procedure uses limited incisions without the need for a small endoscopic camera.

This procedure addresses the outer one-third of the eyebrows, which represents the portion that is first to descend as we age.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift Alternatives

Non-surgical alternatives to brow lift surgery include a Botox brow lift, a suture suspension thread lift to the brow, with Morpheus8 Fractional resurfacing and AccuTite to the brow. This combination of injectables, energy-based device and suture suspension thread lift has been pioneered by Dr. Mulholland, SpaMedica’s former lead surgeon, and the brow lift results compare favourably to more open brow lift techniques.

Although Dr. Mulholland has retired from active Plastic Surgery Practice, he continues his work with the two companies he cofounded, InMode MD electrosurgical and BoomerangFX, the SaaS practice management software. In 2022, Dr. Mulholland moved to London, England, to expand the InMode technology and BoomerangFX Software message internationally.

How is a Brow Lift (Forehead Lift) Performed by Dr. Tom Bell?

The surgical brow lift technique that Dr. Bell recommends will depend on factors unique to the patient’s facial structure and position of their eyebrows. Regardless of the chosen brow lift procedure, incisions are made with care. These incisions are also made to be inconspicuous.

Through the incision(s), Dr. Bell will modify parts of the muscles causing frown lines, excess skin/scalp is removed from the brow, and eyebrows are lifted to a more youthful level.

How to Prepare for a Brow Lift

During your initial consultation, the surgeon will explain the steps to follow to best prepare for your brow lift surgery.

It is essential for smokers to stop smoking at least 3 weeks before surgery and for 2 weeks after, as smoking affects the skin’s ability to heal. Patients should also avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin/ibuprofen) for 2 weeks leading up to the surgery as these may increase bleeding and bruising.

What to Expect After a Brow Lift

Immediately after the surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area where you will be assessed and stay until the anesthesia has worn off (usually a couple of hours). A supporting bandage will be applied around your forehead which can be removed after 1 or 2 days. Patients can expect some temporary numbness and itching around the scalp as the nerves heal.

Brow Lift Recovery & Timeline

At the time of your preoperative appointment instructions on post-surgical care, detailing incision care, symptoms you can expect and potential signs of complications will be reviewed.

Day 1-3: The first couple of days should be used to rest and recuperate. This is when swelling and bruising will be most prominent. Medication will be prescribed to you to deal with the pain. Sleep and rest with the head of the bed elevated so swelling settles.

Week 1: Return to work within a week (unless your job is physically strenuous and involves heavy lifting/straining). Sutures or staples will be removed around this time.

Week 2-3: Light activity is encouraged in the first few weeks to aid circulation in your lower extremities.

Month 1: Normal exercise and workout routines can be resumed after one month.

Month 3-6: Final results will be visible 3 to 6 months after surgery.

Best Procedures Paired with Brow Lift

Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, cheek lift, facelift, fractional resurfacing, Morpheus8 and Botox injection and dermal fillers are often combined with brow lift to provide an even better result.

Brow Lift FAQ

What is Eyebrow Ptosis?

Eyebrow Ptosis is the medical term for a drooping eyebrow. The drooping eyebrow can cause significant overhang of upper eyelid skin, which can interfere with vision and appear unsightly. The problem can occur on one or both sides. Brow lifts are often used to reduce the skin weighing down on the eyelids.

Do I Need a General Anesthetic for a Brow Lift Surgery?

Your brow lift, blepharoplasty and other procedures you may need, can be performed under local anesthesia and light “twilight” sedation and does not require riskier general anesthesia (GA). However, if you want GA, SpaMedica is a fully certified and accredited surgical centre and full GA’s with an anesthesiologist are also available to brow lift clients.

How Do I Decide How High My Brow Should Go?

Dr. Bell has been performing brow lift procedures for over 25 years. He will work with you to determine what is the best location, look and degree of lift.

Is There a Minimum Age?

The brow lift is usually performed to correct the signs of aging, in which the brow has descended and forehead creases have appeared. Since this happens in middle age, most patients are typically 40-65 years old. However, it is also not uncommon for younger patients to have a hereditary droopiness on one or both of their brows, and can therefore possibly be a brow lift candidate at a young age.

What Is the Most Common Brow Lift Procedure?

There are several different types of brow lift surgery. Dr. Bell and SpaMedica only use the most effective techniques which include the open brow lift, endoscopic brow lift, and limited incision brow lift.

The best choice of brow lift depends on your unique facial structure, the degree and location of the most fallen elements of the brow and the goals you want to achieve through the procedure. During your initial consultation, Dr. Bell will determine the best brow lift procedure for your goal.

Will a Brow Lift Leave Scars?

The technique Dr. Bell chooses to perform your brow lift will be the best for providing you with optimal results and least visible scarring. Brow lift scars are typically hidden completely within the hairline and will usually fade 3-6 months after surgery. Occasionally, there is hair loss (shock hair) around the incision and this usually regrows after one year.

Will I Have Pain After the Procedure?

As with any invasive surgery, patients will experience mild soreness immediately after the procedure. Initial bruising and swelling will be most noticeable in the first day and will subside from then on. The pain and tightness are easily controlled with medications prescribed for you.

Narcotic medication is only prescribed for a few days, after which NSAIDs, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen are usually all that is required.

Patients will experience some natural fatigue for 2-3 days, due to the anesthesia and effects of the surgical procedure.

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