Liposuction is a fat removal procedure through suction tubes and instruments. It is an effective body contouring procedure for patients wanting to lose stubborn pocket fats and have a more defined shape.


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45-60 minutes


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Liposuction is for patients looking to remove stubborn fat from their face and body.

Are You A Candidate?

The best candidates are patients who have unwanted deposits of fat that detract from their ideal shape and contour and have tried their best at diet and exercise to modify their shape and figure.

Candidates should be medically healthy without uncontrolled illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease or hypertension. 

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Are You A Candidate?

Liposuction Before and After Gallery


Liposuction is the term used to describe body contouring and the removal of localized focal fat SpaMedica by gentle aspiration, through small hidden incisions.  

Modern liposuction is not merely the removal of areas of unwanted fat, but the simultaneous control and contraction of the soft tissue that lies over it.

In more old-fashioned liposuction techniques, commonly called Tumescent Cannula Liposuction, a very diluted local anesthetic was inserted into the fat to swell up the fat and make the fat numb.

Next, a small, blunt-tipped microcannula was inserted under the skin into the area to be contoured and the fat removed by sucking it traumatically through little holes at the end of the cannula.

The old-fashioned techniques were successful in removing the fat, but very often the patient would complain of an uneven skin or skin laxity after the removal of the supportive under-layer of fat.

Delivery RF Energy

Modern liposuction introduces the use of energy-assisted devices to heat, liquefy and coagulate the fat just prior to its aspiration and removal, making the removal of the fat, in its liquefied state a more gentle process with less bruising, swelling and pain than older techniques.

Even more important than improved recovery, the use of energy to heat the soft tissue stimulates skin tightening, contraction and enhances skin tone after liposuction.

In the past, a tummy tuck, an arm lift, a thigh lift or a neck lift might have been necessary, but now a small minimal-incision, minimally-invasive, energy-assisted liposuction can be performed and lead to excellent contours and shapes.

Common Areas

The common areas of Liposuction vary slightly from men and women. Men typically seek procedures only for the upper body and chin, whereas women will sometimes look to get their lower body done as well.

The most popular region for Liposuction is the stomach and chest (gynecomastia) for men. .

For women, popular regions include the stomach, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Liposuction Technologies

The forms of energy-assisted liposuction include:

  • VASERLipo (VASER liposuction or UAL)
  • SmartLipo (laser-assisted liposuction or LAL)
  • BodyTite (radiofrequency-assisted liposuction or RFAL)

VASERLipo involves the use of an ultrasonic energy released through a small probe into the fat. The ultrasound waves gently vibrate and implode the fat cell, creating a soft, liquefied, milkshake-like substance.

Once the ultrasound has liquefied the fat, Dr. Mulholland then uses a very small, blunt-tipped microcannula, which is a hollow metallic tube with little holes at the end, to gently aspirate and remove the liquefied fat from the unwanted localized areas of excess.

The real advantage of VASERLipo is its gentle nature and the ability to still use the fat to fat graft following the liposuction.

The weakness of VASERLipo is that it does not provide significant soft tissue contraction, so other energy-assisted devices must be used after the VASERLipo™ procedure to ensure the suitability of the skin and soft tissue once you have used the ultrasound to cavitate or liquefy the fat.

There are two types energy-assisted liposuction devices that have proven, strong internal soft tissue contraction, and deploys to optimize skin tightening following liposuction.

SmartLipo also called laser-assisted liposuction, and BodyTite, also known as radiofrequency-assisted liposuction.

SmartLipo uses a small laser probe to emit laser energy, which coagulates and liquefies the fat, closes off small blood vessels to minimize the bruising and facilitates easy aspiration of the fat with a microcannula to minimize pain and discomfort.

The advantages of SmartLipo over VASERLipo is the heat that is generated will lead to a reciprocal contraction and tightening of the skin, thus allowing body contouring, but still achieving skin tightening. Studies have shown that six to 12 months after the liposuction, up to 17% area contraction of the skin can occur following SmartLipo.

This SmartLipo contraction of the skin minimizes the risks of irregularities, laxity and optimizes the ability of patients to avoid more invasive incisional procedures like tummy tucks, arm lifts, thigh lifts and neck lifts.

SmartLipo Recovery Time

BodyTite, or radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL). BodyTite uses electrical current waves to coagulate and liquefy the fat and the blood vessels to minimize any post-operative pain, bruising and swelling.

But the electrical current waves, much like an internal Thermage and internal Venus Freeze, causes a radiofrequency soft tissue contraction of up to 35%.The use of BodyTite™ has allowed

The procedure is generally performed either under local anesthesia with oral sedation or local anesthesia with IV or general sedation.Most patients who are not prone to anxiety have liposuction performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation. Local anesthesia is inserted into the area of unwanted fat. The fat then becomes totally anesthetic, much like a dental procedure, and the gentle extraction can be performed.


The results of your liposuction will be life-long. The fact that is removed will not return.  It is very important to have weight maintenance after liposuction and stay within five to ten pounds of your liposuction weight to ensure permanent contour and figure enhancements. Excessive weight gain following your liposuction procedure will result in fat being accumulated, not to the liposuction area, but to other areas where traditionally you would not have collected fat; again, compromising figure, shape, and form.

There is no liposuction maintenance required for the fat that has been removed, as it is permanently gone. However, maintenance skin-tightening, body heating treatments, such as bulk heating radiofrequency devices like the Venus Freeze, Accent, Exelis, VASERShape, Forma or Thermage Body are deployed in your post-operative program to ensure optimal skin contraction and tightness.  Once your series of postoperative treatments have been completed, Dr. Mulholland will recommend a single treatment every three months to maintain skin tautness, elasticity, and contour.


Removing stubborn fat that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy with your appearance is empowering and freeing. It also leads to a healthier body. The fat loss is permanent – as long as you do your part to prevent new fat growth.

Following the procedure, patients are advised to continue on with a healthy lifestyle while staying near their goal weight.

Cost and Payment

There is a range in liposuction pricing, depending on the size and amount of fat and number of areas to be treated. In general, single-zone modern energy-assisted lipo with three combined devices such as VASERLipo, SmartLipo, and BodyTite deployed during a treatment will start at between $3,999.00 to $6,999.00 for the first zone with subsequent zone discounting for second, third and fourth zones.

Generally, depending on the size of the patient and their Body Mass Index, patients can have three to four zones performed with total body contouring for $9,999.00.

Special financing is readily available for our patients, inquire about it with our clinical staff.

Next Steps

Your next step will be a consultation with our medical staff and renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland.

In your consultation, you will be medically evaluated and shown options catered to your goals and aesthetics. Be prepared to discuss your medical history, and come in with realistic expectations.


  • When may I resume exercising after my liposuction?

    Patients can usually return to low-impact activities such as walking, stair climber, elliptical within the first 1-2 days. Return to high-impact activities such as jogging, running, aggressive weight training and activities such as hot yoga and stretching should wait until the fourth to the sixth week.

  • What will I look like after the procedure?

    Immediately after the procedure, there will be some swelling, which is contained by your compression garment. Modern Liposuction, using energy-assisted devices such as VASERLipo, SmartLipo, and BodyTite do not generally result in much bruising.

    Avoidance of aspirin, if possible, three weeks prior to the liposuction procedure will minimize the risk of any bruising.

  • Can secondary or repeat lipo be performed?

    Repeat Liposuction can be performed and occasionally is performed to enhance the contour figure in 1% to 2% of cases where there may be a small amount of residual extra fat or, in recalcitrant scenarios, where patients put on a little weight a few years after their original liposuction, in which case secondary lipo-contouring can be performed.

  • How long is the recovery?

    Modern Liposuction using energy-assisted devices such as SmartLipo™, BodyTite™, and VASERLipo™ have a very rapid recovery. It is not uncommon for individuals to undergo moderate sized multiple-area liposuction on an afternoon and return to very light, sedentary work/non-work-related activities the following day.

    It is usually recommended, however, that patients take two to three days off after your lipo-contouring procedure to allow time for rest and recovery.

  • Is there any maintenance required?

    There is no Liposuction maintenance required for the fat that has been removed, as it is permanently gone.  However, maintenance skin-tightening, body heating treatments, such as bulk heating radiofrequency devices like the Venus Freeze, Accent®, Exelis®, VASERShape™, Forma™ or Thermage® Body are deployed in your post-operative program to ensure optimal skin contraction and tightness.  

    Once your series of postoperative treatments have been completed, Dr. Mulholland will recommend a single treatment every three months to maintain skin tautness, elasticity, and contour.Liposuction Toronto Venus Freeze Radiofrequency Bulk Heating DeviceFigure 11. The Venus Freeze is one of the many radiofrequency bulk heating devices that is used to “protect the skin tightening investment” achieved during the energy-assisted liposuction procedure.

  • Is a Liposuction garment required after my procedure?

    The recovery process is also characterized by the patient wearing a post-liposuction garment. A post-Liposuction garment is a high-tech, Spandex-like, Lycra® type of compression garment. The liposuction garment is used to shrink-wrap the overlying soft tissue while it heals in the ideal shape, position, and contours.

    In general, these Liposuction garments can be worn under any clothing and are quite comfortable. They provide very comfortable support during the healing process.  Generally, the garments are worn 22 hours a day for three weeks. The garment is light, comfortable and allows going to the bathroom without taking it off. After three weeks, the Liposuction garments are worn for support during the day and left off in the evening and overnight.

  • Is Liposuction painful?

    Modern liposuction, using energy-assisted devices, pre-coagulate and liquefy the fat, turning it into a sort of “fat mango milkshake” and this is very easy to aspirate making it a very gentle procedure.

    Energy-assisted liposuction techniques like the VASERLipo, SmartLipo and BodyTite have been shown in peer-reviewed medical studies to be far less painful and have far less discomfort, bruising and swelling than old-fashioned liposuction techniques where energy is not used.This means much less pain, and discomfort and much quicker return to work and activities.

    A published comparative study showing SmartLipo™ patients (in green) had far less pain and returned to work faster than old-fashioned liposuction (in orange)

  • How long does liposuction take?

    Depending on the thickness and size of the localized zones of fat to be contoured, the procedure often takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes per area and multiple areas are usually treated.

  • What are the most common areas of Lipo to be performed?

    The most common areas to have liposuction performed on women include the abdomen, love handles, flanks, bra line, outer thigh, inner thigh, inner knees, neck and jaw-line and, rarely, the calves and ankles.For men, the most common areas of liposuction include unwanted breast tissue – called gynecomastia – as well as love handles and double chins.

    Liposuction is performed under tumescent local anesthesia. Tumescent local anesthesia is an extremely dilute local anesthetic that is then inserted gently into the fat, distending the fat and providing loss of sensation during the procedure.

    The tumescent anesthesia also distends and expands the fat cells, exposing them to the ultrasound energy of VASERLipo™ or the laser energy of SmartLipo™ and/or the radiofrequency electrical current of BodyTite™.Many patients undergo their liposuction procedure under this local anesthesia and oral sedation, while, other patients who are more prone to anxiety may elect to have the liposuction performed under intravenous sedation.

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