Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Grafting Buttocks) in Toronto

Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Pictures

Starts at $14,999
Procedure Time
3-5 hours
Recovery Time
1-2 weeks

How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

At SpaMedica, the cost of a Brazilian butt lift typically starts at $14,999 and up, depending upon the number of donor sites required.                                                                                                                            

However, please note that the price is dependent on how much fat must be grafted during the procedure and the number of donor sites required.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Generally, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks for swelling and soreness to subside following the procedure. During that time, care should be taken so as to not sit or lie directly on the buttocks. Also, it is worth noting that oral medication can be used to easily manage any initial discomfort.

How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Take?

The length of the procedure depends on the breadth of the cosmetic work and number of dono. However, on average, a Brazilian butt lift procedure takes approximately 2 hours to perform.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Sometimes, squat exercises just aren’t enough to give you the desirable posterior you’ve always wanted. When that happens, it’s time to consider a Brazilian butt lift, also referred to as a buttock enhancement, which produces a shapelier and more voluminous backside through liposuction and fat transplantation. 

During the procedure, fat is harvested through liposuction from unwanted areas (such as the abdomen, hips, and outer thighs) and transplanted to the buttocks. By relocating fat from less desirable areas to the buttocks, the procedure creates a rounded, more athletic posterior with a shapely waist designed to complement the body’s figure.

Who is a Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?

There is no particular age restriction for a Brazilian butt lift procedure, and there is no specific trait that defines a “good” candidate. Fundamentally, good candidates are patients who would like to have shapelier buttocks, have realistic expectations and who have enough donor fat to be transplanted to the area.

  • Proper Physical Health: Good health and a lack of serious medical conditions are vital for a proper recovery following a Brazilian butt lift procedure.
  • Logical Expectations: As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, good candidates have realistic expectations concerning the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

Boost Self-Confidence: At its core, a Brazilian butt lift procedure is designed to enhance body positivity & self-worth by creating a shapelier figure that patients can be proud of.

Refined Buttocks: Following a Brazilian butt lift procedure, patients will enjoy a shapelier backside that fits well with their body profile.

Increased Volume: The Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the buttocks while avoiding the invasiveness and lengthy recovery time of implants.

Invisible Issues: After a Brazilian butt lift, cellulite on the body will be less apparent and visible.

Risks of a Brazilian Butt Lift

Like all procedures, a Brazilian butt lift comes with the risk of potential complications. Dr. Mulholland has been performing Brazilian butt lifts for over 20 years and, after this many Brazilian butt lifts, the risk of a significant complication is extremely low. Although Dr. Mulholland has not seen most of the risks listed below, these Brazilian butt lift risks have been reported:

Bleeding: In rare instances, blood clots may form under the skin and require drainage. In these cases, the patient may require a blood transfusion.

Scarring: While scar formation is possible, it is rare due to the small size of the incisions used in liposuction surgery.

Infections: Although infections are very rare with respect to Brazilian butt lifts, Dr. Bell and his experienced team still take every precaution to ensure that the surgery is a smooth, seamless experience.

Brazillian Butt Lift vs. Buttock Implants

There are two main types of butt augmentation surgery: the Brazillian butt lift and buttock implants. Both procedures add volume to the buttocks, but they achieve this differently. A Brazillian butt lift uses fat grafting to enhance the shape of the buttocks. This involves removing fat from another area of the body (such as the thighs or abdomen) and injecting it into the buttocks. 

This method can provide natural-looking results, but it is not suitable for everyone. For example, people who are not able to lose significant amounts of fat from other areas of their body may be better suited to buttock implants. This type of surgery involves placing artificial implants into the buttocks to create a fuller, rounder shape. 

Buttock implants are made from various materials, such as silicone or saline, and can provide long-lasting results. However, this type of surgery is more invasive than a Brazillian butt lift and has a higher risk of complications. As with any type of cosmetic surgery, it is important to consult a certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and choose the best procedure for you.


Why Choose SpaMedica for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Led by the incomparable Dr. Bell, the skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons at SpaMedica combine technical proficiency and unparalleled precision with an individualized approach that puts the patient first. By using advanced plastic surgery techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, the SpaMedica team can produce incredible results while reducing the risk of complications.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Alternatives

Evolve TRIM, TITE, Coolsculpting, and EMSculpt are all energy-based devices that can improve the buttocks’ shape and contour.

How is a Brazillian Butt Lift Performed by Dr. Tom Bell?

At SpaMedica, a Brazilian butt lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia that is gently inserted into the fat. This anesthesia numbs and expands the fat cells, exposing them to ultrasound energy.

During the surgery, fat is removed from a donor area using the ultrasound energy, and later stored in a canister. Then, Dr. Bell shapes the area where the fat has been removed to ensure an excellent body contour. Finally, the fat stored in the canister is prepared and injected into the buttocks to enhance volume and shape.

How to Prepare for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Bell and his team will review your expectations, medications and medical history. Based on the scope of the surgery, SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the surgery. It is also recommended that you consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids before your surgery.

What to Expect After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Please note that, after the surgery, you will be impaired from the anesthesia and thus unable to drive. While the procedure does not generally result in pain, there will be some swelling, which will be contained by a compression garment.

Following your procedure, Dr. Bell and his team in Toronto will recommend a comprehensive postoperative care regime. This regime will include instructions about the importance of avoiding physical activity and abstaining from alcohol and smoking.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery and Timeline

After the Surgery: Despite the swelling, the results of the surgery will be apparent right away. Patients can expect a shapelier posterior with added volume and projection.

1 Day After Surgery: Most patients can return to performing the normal activities of daily living. However, care should be taken so as to avoid sitting or lying directly on the buttocks.

2 Weeks After Surgery: Soreness and stiffness subside completely.

6 Weeks After Surgery: Subtle swelling subsides completely. In addition, the compression garments can be removed.

2 Months After Surgery: Patients can sit directly on their buttocks for extended periods of time.

12 Months After Surgery: Patients often come in for a second procedure to account for the lost fat grafts.

Best Procedures Paired with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Liposuction, breast augmentation and a tummy tuck are often performed at the same time as buttock fat grafting.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

How Painful is it to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

At SpaMedica, the actual Brazilian butt lift will not be felt due to the local anesthesia that will be inserted into the fat. While there may be swelling and discomfort afterwards, there will be no extreme or long-term pain. In fact, patients often compare the postoperative discomfort to a bruise.

Will My Butt Get Bigger if I Gain Weight?

When you gain weight, your fat cells become larger. When you lose weight, they become smaller. That’s why you can weigh more without adding fat cells. The same is true after a Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat cells that have become vascularized are there to stay and will grow if you gain weight.

If you gain or lose a lot of weight, your butt will get bigger or smaller relative to the rest of your body, but the change in size probably won’t be drastic. So, if you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, don’t worry too much about the long-term effects of weight gain or loss. 

Can I Have Both BBL and Butt Implants Procedure Together? 

While either procedure can create stunning results on its own, some patients wonder if they can combine the two approaches for even more dramatic results. 

In general, it is safe to have both BBL and butt implants procedure together. However, it is important to work with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience performing both procedures. This will help to ensure that the final outcome meets your expectations and that you are happy with your results.

How Much Fat Will the Surgeon Remove for the procedure?

As all bodies are different, the amount of fat that will be removed for your buttocks enhancement will depend on how much fat is on your body and the size you wish to achieve.

What is the Difference between a Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Implants?

Some patients opt to use silicone butt implants to enhance the shape of their posterior. However, it is important to note that this procedure is more invasive than a Brazilian butt lift, as it requires a much larger incision.

When can I start exercising again?

It is recommended that patients wait at least 6 weeks before resuming physical exercise.

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