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Rhinoplasty is a reconstructive cosmetic procedure for the nose. The purpose of the surgery is to improve the aesthetic, balance and functionality of the nose.


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Dr. Stephen Mulholland


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Ideal candidates for revision Rhinoplasty include anyone that is unhappy with the results from their first Rhinoplasty procedure, people who experienced an ineffective Septoplasty, and anyone who requires further improvements to their initial procedure.


Dr. Mulholland has spent a number of years treating complex facial fractures, including nasal fractures and advanced facial trauma.

His ability to manage the bone and soft tissue deficits of nasofacial fractures provided him with an excellent and unsurpassed foundation for subsequently performing cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeries.

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Procedural Details

Nasal surgery, whether it is Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty, requires precision – down to the millimeter. The anatomy of the nose is intricate. Nose Jobs and Revision Nose Jobs require technical skill and artistry.

Some patients are not pleased with how their first Rhinoplasty turned out. There is a lot of room for error, especially if the surgeon doesn’t have much experience or hasn’t spent time understanding your goals and expected outcomes. However, it is not necessarily the surgeon’s fault; it could be a result of an unavoidable change required once the work was started.

If you are unhappy with a previous nose job and are looking for a correction, visit Dr. Mulholland. With 20 years of experience and with a reputation for his innovation, artistry and precise skill, you owe it to yourself to have a consult and determine how he can fix the work you aren’t happy with from your other surgeon.

Revision Rhinoplasty is common and offers patients that are disheartened by their new nose, a solution and a chance to get the outcome they dreamed of.


Some of the reasons why some patients require a revision Rhinoplasty include:

Cosmetic Issues: Sometimes through error or unexpected problems, the surgery results in deformities that was not present prior to surgery. Other times a change in the nose can highlight or bring to attention other issues that were not noticed prior to the surgery. In either scenario, there is a visible deformity that you want corrected.

Unsatisfactory Outcomes

Unsatisfactory outcomes need to be corrected. After the financial and emotional investment in your procedure, you do not want to accept something you do not feel is right or that you didn’t agree upon prior to surgery.

Health-Related Issues: Rhinoplasty can sometimes cause breathing. This can be addressed with Revision Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty to open up airways.

Ethnicity: If a nose is altered too much from its original state and the native qualities are removed, there can be poor outcomes. Typically an implant is required to correct this issue.

Risks and Complications

Like all other surgeries, Revision Rhinoplasty comes with possible risks and complications such as bleeding, infection and reaction to anesthesia. Other concerns include scarring, breathing, complications, nose, pain and discoloration, septal perforation and uneven nose.

Choose a surgeon that is Board Certified and well experienced in the field of Rhinoplasty and Facial Surgery to limit the chances for complications and side effects to occur.  Dr. Mulholland is world renowned for his skills and the best choice for patients in Toronto and the GTA.


Follow the doctor’s instruction in your medication regimen. Disclose your medical history and type of drugs you are currently taking before revision nose job, especially drugs in the past six months. It is an outpatient procedure and patients generally go back to their homes following the surgery.

Take a week off from work following the surgery. The nose will take time to fully heal following the Revision Rhinoplasty. Avoid strenuous activities for at least a month.

The swelling can last for a few months to a year. Be patient with the results and evaluate your final results after a year.


Due to the difficulty and expertise required in fixing or correcting a previous nose surgery, Revision Rhinoplasty tends to be more costlier than the initial nose job, depending on the profile.

Starting cost for the surgery is from $10,999. It is best to speak with our staff regarding financing options and to request cost details more in details.


  • How Long Is Revision Rhinoplasty?

    Revision Rhinoplasty procedures can be performed in under an hour in many cases. In more extreme cases, they may require several hours of sculpting of the nose’s underlying framework.

  • How Is The Recovery From Revision Rhinoplasty?

    Recovery from revision Rhinoplasty is similar to that of a the original Rhinoplasty – a downtime of about 10 to 14 days. Sometimes a cast and surgical tape is placed for one week following surgery to help mold and heal the nose after surgery. Most revision Rhinoplasty patients can resume their normal activities within a week or two.

  • When Can You Get A Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure?

    Patience is a must! Your nose must heal from the Rhinoplasty. Most cosmetic plastic surgeons recommend waiting anywhere from 12 to 24 months before proceeding with a Revision Rhinoplasty surgery.

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