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Otoplasty (OutStanding Ear Set Back, Ear Pinning) in Toronto

Starts at $7,999
Procedure Time
2.5 hours
Recovery Time
3 weeks
Thomas Bell, M.D
Physician and internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and lecturer.
66 Avenue Road, Suite 4 Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N8

How Much Does an Otoplasty Cost?

The cost of an otoplasty starts at $4,999

How Long Does It Take to Recover from an Otoplasty?

It takes 3 weeks to recover from an otoplasty procedure.

How Long Does an Otoplasty Take?

The procedure takes 2.5 hours to complete.

What Is an Otoplasty?

Otoplasty or Set Back Ear Job (Dumbo ears) improves the position, proportion, or shape of the ear. Most commonly this involves repositioning ears closer to the head when they stick out too far. The cosmetic surgeon creates a more pleasing and natural shape to the ear, which can be performed on one ear or both. Torn earlobes or elongated earlobes from earrings can also be fixed and small earlobes can be enlarged.

Are you relatively healthy but unhappy with your ears? Do you find yourself trying to cover your ears up because they stick out too far, or avoiding earrings because the lobules are too long or torn? Are your ears overly large or protrude on one or both sides? Did you have a previous ear surgery and are not satisfied with the results? If so, otoplasty may be right for you.

Who Is an Otoplasty Candidate?

If you are considering setting back your ears because they stick out too far, repairing a torn earlobe or earlobe augmentation, ensure you meet the following criteria: you need to make sure you are a good candidate. Ideal candidates:

●  Are in good health overall.

●  Have overly large, protruding, or misshapen ears.

●  No smoking  for a minimum of 2 weeks pre & post-procedure

●  Have reasonable expectations.

If you are unhappy with your ears but are not a good candidate for an otoplasty procedure, learn more about SpaMedica’s non-surgical treatment options.

Benefits of an Otoplasty

Increased Confidence
Big, protruding, or misshapen ears can seriously affect one’s self-esteem. This procedure gives patients the confidence they’ve likely been searching for most of their lives.

Feel Good Wearing Earrings
Many patients in need of otoplasty are reluctant to wear earrings to avoid drawing attention to their ears. Post-op patients look forward to wearing earrings and feel comfortable revealing their new look.

Improve the Balance of the Face
Disproportionate ears can throw the entire face off balance. After the otoplasty, patients enjoy a balanced and symmetrical face. This makes them look and feel much more attractive.

Restore Ears After an Injury
While many people get an otoplasty due to congenital disabilities, others undergo the procedure after suffering an injury. The surgeons will perform the otoplasty to restore one or both ears to its original state.

Otoplasty Risks

Otoplasty, like every procedure, comes with a small chance of potential complications. The best thing patients can do to minimize the likelihood of complications is to select a trusted surgeon. The team at SpaMedica has years of experience performing otoplasty and has not seen many of the risks associated with the procedure:

Dr. Bell takes special care when making incisions during the otoplasty procedure. Still, visible scarring is possible. The renowned SpaMedica plastic surgeons examine the patient’s skin tone and surgical needs to provide patients with expectations regarding scars.

Skin Sensation Changes
Repositioning the ears can change the sensation. This complication is usually temporary and resolves itself within weeks.

Problems with Stitches
Although rare, internal stitches can make it to the surface of the ear. This causes inflammation, and the stitches must be removed.

Some changes can occur during the healing process. These changes can cause the ears to become asymmetrical. Fortunately, using a skilled surgeon dramatically reduces this risk. That’s why so many people choose Dr. Bell for the otoplasty procedure.

Why Choose SpaMedica for an Otoplasty?

As one of Canada’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Bell sees patients from around the world who travel to SpaMedica to undergo procedures within the facility’s surgical suites. 

Always a perfectionist, he stays on top of the latest research and techniques and strives to provide each patient with optimal results. From his suturing methods to his ability to thoroughly communicate the outcome with his patients, Dr. Bell is the trusted surgeon of choice for otoplasty. Dr. Bell was named in the list of top 10 plastic surgeons in the world by W Magazine. 

Different Types of Otoplasty

Otoplasty is used to correct a variety of ear conditions. The types of otoplasty performed depends on the patient’s condition.

Ear Augmentation

Ear augmentation is used when the earlobe is underdeveloped. The earlobe can be small from birth or can shrink and shrivel after facelifts. The surgeon can inject filler into the ear or use the patient’s own fat through grafting. Once completed, the ear is the desired size.

Otopexy or Set Back Otoplasty.

People with protruding ears, or ‘Dumbo ears’ undergo an otopexy. This is the process of pinning the ears back, so they no longer stick out. It’s critical to use a skilled surgeon for this procedure to ensure the ears look natural.

Ear Reduction

If the earlobes are too large, the patient can undergo an ear reduction. The surgeon reduces the size of the ears, so they are proportionate to the face.

Non-Surgical Otoplasty Alternatives

Botox injectable and dermal fillers.

How does Dr. Tom Bell perform an Otoplasty?

Dr. Tom Bell performs the otoplasty procedures at SpaMedica. The process begins with anesthesia; the surgeon may recommend either local, general, or IV sedation.

Next, for ear pinning, your surgeon will make an incision. Incisions are generally made on the back of the ear. However, in some cases, incisions are required on the front of the ear. Dr. Tom Bell strategically places these incisions in the folds.

Your surgeon then reshapes or removes the cartilage. Non-removable internal stitches might be placed to hold the cartilage in place. Once the ears are properly shaped, he places external stitches. Dr. Tom Bell and the other surgeons at SpaMedica use a specialized technique for closing the stitches to ensure the ears look natural. Less-skilled surgeons might not use this technique, leaving people with visible scars from the surgery.

How to Prepare for an Otoplasty

Patients need to prepare before undergoing an otoplasty. Patients must:

●  Stop smoking.

●  Avoid taking blood-thinning medications.

●  Undergo a medical evaluation.

●  Obtain lab tests.

Dr. Bell will provide additional guidelines during the consultation. These guidelines must be followed for optimal results.

What to Expect After an Otoplasty

Patients can go home the day of the procedure. They’ll wear dressings over their ears for the first week, but once the dressings are removed, they will be able to notice the results.

Otoplasty Recovery and Timeline

Week 1: It’s normal to feel some discomfort following the procedure. The surgeon might send patients home with pain medication to reduce the discomfort. Patients should take it easy for the first several days and take a full week off work or school. A dressing must also be worn to promote healing and to mold the ears into their new positions. The dressing should not be removed at all during the first week.

Week 2: Patients can remove the dressing and resume moderate activities after a week. However, contact sports and vigorous activities should be avoided for another week. Patients should also avoid anything coming into contact with their ears.

Patients must continue to wear a headband at night for the first 3 months. This will keep the ears in position while sleeping.

Best Procedures Paired with an Otoplasty

Rhinoplasty and cheek implants.

Otoplasty FAQ

How Painful Is It to Get an Otoplasty?

Patients experience moderate pain after undergoing an otoplasty. Pain medicine can alleviate the discomfort. Some patients only require over-the-counter pain medication.

What Is the Minimum Age for an Otoplasty?

At SpaMedica, only adult cosmetic procedures are performed, so cosmetic ear surgery patients should be at least 16 years old and have stopped growing and developing to undergo an otoplasty procedure.

How Long Does an Otoplasty Last?

The results of otoplasty are permanent.

Will the Surgery Affect My Hearing Ability?

Otoplasty surgery does not affect hearing.

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