Torn Earlobes Treatment


The causes for torn earlobes are usually traumatic, specifically wearing large, heavy earrings that over time stretch the ear-piercing orifice, or a sudden traumatic traction injury on one of the earrings, causing a tearing of the ear piercing and a bi-partition of the earlobe.

SpaMedica treats torn earlobes with a relatively simple procedure performed under local anesthesia called torn earlobe repair. The torn earlobe is repaired and delicately sutured together, as care and attention must be afforded this surgical procedure to line up the naturally rounded edges and protect the closure until the incision is healed.

Torn earlobes are aesthetically displeasing as they disrupt the smooth contour of the normal earlobe and can also be functionally compromising, as repeat piercing may be required through one of the residual ear fragments.


Reshape, enlarge, or reduce the size of the ears and earlobes to achieve an aesthetically pleasing contour.

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