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How To Treat & Remove Bump On Nose Bridge

What Are Dorsal Humps?

Dorsal humps are very common aesthetic facial disproportions. They appear as a bump or hump on the bridge of the nose and are most visible when looking at an individual in profile. Individuals with dorsal humps may be self-conscious about how these humps look, and how they affect the overall appearance and symmetry of their face.

What Causes Dorsal Humps?

Most dorsal humps are a result of hereditary development and are caused by an overgrowth of nasal cartilage and bones. They can also result from a traumatic injury to the nose suffered during childhood or adolescence, when the bones and cartilage of the nose are still in development, resulting in an overgrowth that leads to a bump.

Do Nose Bridge Bumps Affect Breathing?

For most individuals, nose bridge bumps or dorsal humps do not result in any health complications. If a dorsal hump was caused by an injury, the same injury may have also caused a deviated septum, which can result in breathing difficulty. However, while the same injury or traumatic event may cause a dorsal hump and deviated septum, the presence of a dorsal hump alone will not affect breathing.

Dorsal Hump Before And After Images

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How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Dorsal Hump?

There are two ways to address a dorsal hump. First, a dorsal hump can be removed using rhinoplasty (a “nose job”). Rhinoplasty begins at $8,999. A dorsal hump can also be addressed using a non-surgical rhinoplasty, which uses dermal fillers to correct bumps and concave areas. This procedure begins at $1,499.

Dorsal Hump Solutions At SpaMedica

SpaMedica offers both rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures. The procedure you choose will depend on your desired results — a non-surgical rhinoplasty may be ideal for less pronounced dorsal humps, while a traditional rhinoplasty may be a better choice for more significant or pronounced dorsal humps. Dr. Mulholland and Dr. Bell will work closely with you to determine which procedure is best, based on your desired look and outcome.


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