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Breast Lift with Implants in Toronto

Procedure Time
2-4 hours
Recovery Time
Several months
Thomas Bell, M.D
Physician and internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and lecturer.
66 Avenue Road, Suite 4 Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N8

How Much does a Breast Lift with Implants Cost?

A breast lift with implants requires more time, anesthesia, and medical equipment than a traditional breast lift. As such, the procedure is slightly costlier than its traditional counterpart. At SpaMedica, the cost of a breast lift with implants starts at $14,999.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Breast Lift with Implants?

Typically, patients are able to return to work  7 days after undergoing a breast lift with implants. Still, it is vital to keep in mind that it may take several months for swelling to subside completely and for final results to become apparent.

How Long Does a Breast Lift with Implants Take?

The length of the procedure depends on the breadth of the cosmetic work. However, on average, a breast lift with implants takes approximately 2 – 4 hours to perform.

What is a Breast Lift with Implants?

Like every other part of the body, breasts change over time. Indeed, breasts are not immune to the effects of weight gain, ageing, hormonal fluctuation, or even gravity. As time progresses, these factors cause the skin around the breasts to lose its elasticity, thus resulting in breasts that are flat and sagging.

Fortunately, patients can undergo a breast lift with implants to correct the elevation, contour, and volume of drooping breasts. In addition to changing your figure, the procedure can restore your confidence and self-worth by reinstating a more feminine and youthful appearance.

Who is a Breast Lift with Implants Candidate?

In truth, there is no particular age restriction for a breast lift with implants procedure, and there is no specific trait that defines a “good” candidate. Fundamentally, good candidates are patients who have lost volume, elasticity, and form in their breasts. If your nipples are pointing down or your breasts lie flat against your chest, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift with implants.

However, while there are no specific traits that dictate candidacy, there are certain conditions that can make the process more seamless.

Proper Physical Health
Good health and a lack of serious medical conditions are vital for a proper recovery following a breast lift procedure.

Logical Expectations
As is the case with most cosmetic procedures, good breast lift candidates have realistic expectations concerning the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Benefits of a Breast Lift with Implants

More Volume
Following a breast lift with implants, breasts will regain their lost volume, leading to a bust that looks fuller and firmer.

Fix Drooping Breasts
A breast lift with implants can correct drooping breasts and downward-pointing nipples by ensuring that they will point up, rather than remain sagging.

Asymmetrical Breasts
The procedure will result in an asymmetrical breast shape that is more circular than cylindrical.

Revitalize Breast Appearance
Fundamentally, a breast lift with implants is designed to revitalize breast appearance and boost self-confidence by establishing a youthful bust that looks and feels natural.

Risks of a Breast Lift with Implants

Although infections are very rare with respect to breast lift procedures, Dr. Bell and his experienced team still take every precaution to ensure that the surgery is a smooth, seamless experience.

Inability to Breastfeed
While great care is taken to preserve the milk ducts in the nipple area, there is still a very slim possibility that the ducts will be damaged by the incision, leading to an inability to breastfeed.

Blood Clot
A hematoma, also known as a blood clot, occurs when blood collects near the surgical site, causing swelling and discomfort. Fortunately, these small blood clots tend to be absorbed by the body and, while there may be a certain level of discomfort, there will be no extreme or long-term pain.

This term refers to the death of tissue due to a lack of oxygen and health-giving blood. For smokers who undergo a breast lift with implants, there is a higher susceptibility to necrosis due to the already-low presence of oxygen in the blood.

Why Choose SpaMedica and Dr. Bray for a Breast Lift with Implants?

Led by the incomparable Dr. Bray, the skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons at SpaMedica combine technical proficiency and unparalleled precision with an individualized approach that puts the patient first. By using advanced plastic surgery techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, the SpaMedica team is capable of producing incredible results while also reducing the risk of complications.

At SpaMedica, Dr. Bray is the expert on all things related to breast lift procedures. Recognized as one of Canada’s most sought-after breast lift surgeons, Dr. Bray has garnered an esteemed reputation for his unparalleled efficiency and astonishing surgical skills. Dr. Bray spent 15 years on staff at the Toronto General Hospital, Western Division, where he reconstructed and reshaped breasts after breast cancer and inherited conditions and problems and performed Bodylift and Breast Lift surgeries in patients after massive weight loss.

Five years ago, Dr Bray left the Toronto General Hospital and joined SpaMedica, where he has focused all his attention on Breast Lift, Breast Augment, Tummy tuck, BodyTite liposuction and BodyLift surgery.

How is a Breast Lift with Implants Performed by Dr. Tom Bell?

At SpaMedica, a breast lift with implants is performed under general or local anesthesia with IV sedation. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Bell will determine the best type of anesthesia to use based on your previous medical history, as well as your current prescriptions.

During the surgery, Dr. Bell will draw guidelines along the incision site. The surgeon will make a small incision below the breasts to gain better access to the tissue below. With the aid of a breast dissector, the surgeon will then create a pocket in which to place the breast implant. Finally, the surgeon will insert the implant into the pocket.

How to Prepare for a Breast Lift with Implants

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Bray and his team will review your medications and medical history. Based on the scope of the surgery, SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the surgery. It is also recommended that you consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids before your surgery.

What to Expect After a Breast Lift with Implants

Please note that, after the surgery, you will be impaired from the anesthesia and thus unable to drive for at least 24 hours. Most patients will go home following their procedure with a tight-fitting compression garment designed to reduce swelling. While the garment must be worn for several weeks, its presence will ensure that breast changes are immediately noticeable after the procedure.

Following your procedure, Dr. Bray and his team in Toronto will recommend a comprehensive postoperative care regimen. This regimen will include instructions about the importance of avoiding physical activity, abstaining from alcohol and smoking, and minimizing exposure to the sun.

Finally, please note that, if you become pregnant after the procedure, the effects of breastfeeding and pregnancy may cause your breasts to sag, thereby reversing the effects of the surgery.

Breast Lift with Implants Recovery and Timeline

After the Surgery: Patient goes home with a compression garment to reduce swelling.

1 Week After Surgery: Patient may return to work.

2 Weeks After Surgery: Sutures are removed, and noticeable swelling and discomfort should subside completely.

1 Month After Surgery: The patient may resume participating in strenuous activities, such as sports.

Best Procedures Paired with Breast Lift with Implants

Related Procedure: Breast Augmentation

Whereas a breast lift with implants pertains to the repositioning of the bust, a breast augmentation procedure is all about volume enhancement. By pairing both surgeries together, patients get their breasts lifted while also increasing their cup size.

Other procedures commonly performed with a Breast Lift and implant surgery include Liposuction, Tummy tuck, arm lift, inner thigh lift, fat grafting and Total Body Lifts.

Breast Lift with Implants FAQ

How Painful is it to Get a Breast Lift with Implants?

At SpaMedica, the breast lift procedure will not be felt due to general anesthesia. While there may be swelling and discomfort afterwards, there will be no extreme or long-term pain.

Are both the Lifts and Implants Done at the Same Time?

Yes! At SpaMedica, both procedures can be done at the same time. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that raises and reshapes sagging, deflated-looking breasts. However, patients who are looking for more volume and fullness will require additional work, in the form of implants. As such, the implants represent an extension of the traditional breast lift procedure, and can be done at the same time.

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