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Regina and Saskatoon FUE Hair Transplant

Procedure Time
2-4.5 Hours
Recovery Time
7-12 Days
Thomas Bell, M.D
Physician and internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and lecturer.
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Why Choose SpaMedica?

At SpaMedica in Toronto, we’re proud to offer a guarantee of success to all of our Regina and Saskatoon FUE hair transplant patients. We’ve been performing robotic FUE procedures since 1997—longer than any other North American clinic, and we’ve placed over a million FUE grafts! In addition to his recognition for contributions to FUE expertise worldwide, Dr. Mulholland, SpaMedica’s former Lead Surgeon, has lectured, taught, and/or trained the majority of automated FUE physicians practicing in the US and Canada.

In May of 2021, after 25 years as Canada’s most recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Mulholland retired from active Plastic Surgery Practice. Dr. Mulholland will continue to pursue his work with the two companies he co-founded, InMode MD Electrosurgical and BoomerangFX practice management software in the United States and abroad, and continue to educate and teach the science of practice management through his BoomerangFX book, webinar series, and online course.

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE, aka follicular unit extraction, allows for the harvesting of follicular units in singles, doubles, triples, and quadruples to ensure genetically related hair families grow together and result in a more natural-looking hair pattern. For those wishing to undergo a FUE hair transplant without having to contend with a linear scar, the most effective methods of harvest are robotic FUE harvest technologies Artas and NeoGraft, which expertly extract hair from the back of the scalp.

Before Pictures

Dr. Mulholland will request “before photos.” Make sure you get shots from the front with your hairline visible; left and right side profile shots; left and right side 45-degree angle shots; the crown of your head; and the back of your head. The more angles, the better!

Hair Transplant Timeline FUE

Preparing for your surgery

As with any surgery, it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol for minimum 3 days prior to your FUE hair transplant. Don’t shave or cut your hair for at least 2 weeks before your procedure. On the day of, your head may be shaven pre-procedure to allow the grafts and genetic hair to grow out together afterward.

FUE Procedure Overview

The first phase of your FUE hair transplant procedure involves extraction from the back of your scalp, or your donor site—this takes roughly 4 hours. The second phase deploys a “stick-and-place” technique in which a small hypodermic needle creates a slit between your recipient’s hair. When the needle is removed, a graft is placed. This repeated process takes 2-4.5 hours total. Expect a full 8-10 hour day when planning your trip.

Aftercare & Recovery

Immediately post FUE hair transplant, a dressing is placed over the tiny extraction holes at the back of your scalp. A new dressing is applied the next day, and you are free to return home after that. We are happy to schedule regular follow-ups via FaceTime for all our Regina and Saskatoon FUE hair transplant out-of-towners. Most patients return to work after 7-12 days. It’s important to wait 12-14 months (throughout your different hair growth phases) before judging the results of your hair restoration!

Schedule a consultation

To schedule a consultation at SpaMedica in Toronto, get in touch via our online form, and be sure to submit photos—or give us a call at 1-877-211-7505. If you’re from Regina or Saskatoon considering a FUE hair transplant, an online video consultation can easily be scheduled for your convenience!

Planning your visit

When traveling from Regina or Saskatoon to Toronto, flights are readily available, and take just 3 hours! For budget-friendly accommodations, be sure to browse Airbnb, as their selection and rates often beat those of hotels. Welcome to SpaMedica in Toronto! You’ve made the best possible choice for your FUE hair transplant!

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