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Breast Reduction Surgery Toronto

Breast Reduction

A large bust area may be functionally limiting, causing for significant neck and shoulder pain, under-breast inflammatory changes and economic strain due to costs of specialized undergarment support wear. Reduction surgery decreases the size and weight of the breast, and reshapes it to be aesthetically pleasing.

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Length of Procedure:
2-3 hours
Starting from $5,999
Recovery Time:
2-3 weeks
Surgical OR
Dr. Mulholland
Alternative Names:
Reduction Mammoplasty

Are You A Candidate?

Women who have larger, heavier breasts that are aesthetically displeasing, or do not match their body shape and proportion are good candidates for reduction surgery. As well as women with sagging breasts due to  pregnancies, genetics, or aging are also candidates. If your areola complexes are enlarged or pointing downward, you may be considered for areolar reduction.

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Procedure Details

Breast reduction surgery can be performed under IV sedation or local anesthesia and oral sedation and takes less than three hours to perform. Generally, reduction patients do not require a stay overnight at our certified, 24 hour overnight plastic surgery facility and they can leave 2-3 hours following their surgery. Patients are back to relatively low impact activities of daily living the next day.

The most common approach requires the incision around the areola and a vertical incision extending under the breast. This lollipop incision, or short scar reduction, minimizes unattractive scars that can sometimes occur in more extensive reduction procedures. Very large breasts do require under the breast scar as well and more tissue must be removed to provide more enhanced proportion.

Often breast liposuction or radiofrequency assisted liposuction like VASER® and BreastTite®) can be performed individually without any incisional surgery, minimizing the scars for mild to moderate breast enlargement, or can be performed in combination with the excisional treatments mentioned above.

Maintenance required

You will go home 2-3 hours following your procedures in a support bra with only light dressings over the incision lines. The bra is worn as a “dressing” for 2-3 weeks. Sutures are usually completely removed within 2-3 weeks. Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Light activities may be started in 7-10 days.

Follow a proper and healthy diet. Once you are recovered based on doctor’s assessment, perform exercises and stay hydrated. This will help the body stay active and healthy.

Due to aging and skin elasticity, it is hard to predict how the breasts will be in a few years down the road. A second surgery may be required, in some cases.

Breast Reduction Toronto

Risks and Complications

Risks of breast reductions include hematoma, infections and adverse effects to anesthesia. Other risks and complications are asymmetrical breasts, loss of nipple sensation and skin around the nipples.


You can expect smaller, shapelier breasts. The procedure has a high level of patient satisfaction if patients are accepting of the required scars. Liposuction contouring procedures achieve impressive results for mild to moderate hypertrophy if patients do not desire visible or extensive scars.


The benefit of a reduction is better mobility and less strain on the body for those who have had previous shoulder and back pain due to larger breasts. Women can expect firmer and shapelier breasts.

Cost and Payment Options

Reductions start from $5,999 depending upon the extent of surgery. The procedure is considered cosmetic and, therefore, is not covered by insurance.

The patient is responsible for payment. To discuss this further and about your options, book a consultation with our medical staff.

Next Steps

Your next step is to book a consultation with our medical staff at SpaMedica to be evaluated for breast reduction surgery. Our medical staff will want to discuss your medical history and drugs you have taken in the past year. Your breasts will be evaluated by the surgeon to determine the surgery that is most appropriate to your goals.

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