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What To Eat After Tummy Tuck Surgery

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After your tummy tuck surgery, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure a smooth, complication-free recovery that will have you showing off your beautiful new silhouette as soon as possible. These involve getting enough rest, caring for any incisions, and minimizing any strenuous activity or exercise. But it’s also important to watch what you eat! Consuming the right kinds of foods can help your body heal, and will better ensure your recovery is seamless and without issue.

What Is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

A tummy tuck is a type of plastic surgery that helps you achieve a flat, toned abdomen by removing excess fat and skin. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the tummy tuck procedure, your surgeon will lift the abdominal skin and repair any weakened abdominal muscles. The surgeon will then trim the excess skin and stitch it together. They will also make a new opening for the belly button, which is necessary since the skin has been tightened.

What To Expect After Tummy Tuck Surgery

As with all surgeries, you will experience some pain and swelling following your tummy tuck. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help you remain comfortable during your recovery period (you should not take aspirin after your surgery). You will be able to shower 48 hours after your surgery, and you should keep active, though strenuous activity should be avoided. Your surgeon will advise you to keep your body raised while sleeping to reduce inflammation.

What Type Of Food Should You Eat After A Tummy Tuck?

Eating the right kinds of foods is an important part of recovering from your tummy tuck procedure. While your body is healing, you should provide it with healthful, protein-rich foods and foods that may provide anti-inflammatory effects, and should avoid too much sugar, fat, and salt. Giving your body the fuel it needs to heal is a key component of a full, speedy recovery.


After your tummy tuck surgery, it’s important to stay hydrated. Plain water, tea, and clear broths made with lean meats are excellent ways to ensure you’re getting enough hydration following your surgery. Avoid sugary beverages or drinks that are caffeinated, as these can cause dehydration and inflammation.

Protein-Rich Foods

Lean protein-rich foods will help your body speed healing. Protein helps your body build and repair skin and muscle, and can also help fight infection. Good, lean protein sources include chicken, lean fish, lean meats such as veal or pork, tofu, eggs, and nuts and seeds. Beans and pulses are also excellent sources of protein, but you may wish to avoid them — or eat them sparingly — as they can cause gassiness that may be uncomfortable during your tummy tuck recovery.


Vitamins A and C are particularly important during your recovery period. Vitamin A promotes collagen production, which helps to heal, while Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which can help your body avoid infection. Vitamin A is found in eggs, dairy, and cod liver oil, while citrus fruits, green vegetables such as brussels sprouts and broccoli, and berries are high in Vitamin C. You can also take a supplement.

What Type Of Food Should You Avoid After A Tummy Tuck?

While it’s important to know what types of foods to eat after your tummy tuck, it’s just as important to be mindful of avoiding foods that may slow down your recovery.

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Alcohol thins the blood and can compromise your immune system, which affects your body’s ability to heal. Try to avoid alcohol for at least three weeks after your surgery.

Foods High In Sugar

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is key to healing after your surgery. In addition, foods high in sugar may cause constipation, and any gastrointestinal stress after your tummy tuck surgery may be extremely uncomfortable.

Foods High In Fat

While some fats — such as the omegas found in fatty fish — are excellent for healing, foods that are high in processed or saturated fats can cause abdominal pain and bloating, which will be especially uncomfortable during your tummy tuck recovery.

Salty Foods

As is the case with eating too many saturated fats, eating foods high in salt content may cause uncomfortable bloating. Salty foods will also interfere with your ability to stay properly hydrated.

Consult With SpaMedica

Dr. Bell will be able to advise you on what foods to eat during your tummy tuck recovery to encourage a quick, complication-free recovery. If you’re considering tummy tuck surgery, be sure to contact the clinic today.

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Dr. Tom Bell, with over 25 years of practice experience dedicated to cosmetic plastic surgery, pioneered Avenue Road and Yorkville as Toronto’s Beverly Hills of plastic surgery with his first surgical center in Yorkville’s Avenue road corridor back in 1986. Named as Canada’s best plastic surgeon by W magazine and one of the world’s best, Dr. Bell returns home to join the SpaMedica Plastic Surgery team as the reigning King of Plastic Surgery.
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