4 Things You Can’t Do After Liposuction

4 Things You Can't Do After Liposuction

As great as heading back into regular life would be after liposuction, that won’t be the case. There’ll be a recovery period and restrictions on what you can do immediately after surgery. There are a few things you shouldn’t be doing—at least for a while—after your liposuction. See what they are.

Don’t Exercise

You might be itching to fit in a workout, but it’s best to avoid it for a while. Every plastic surgeon will provide their patients with different guidelines, but generally you shouldn’t be exercising until 2 weeks after your liposuction procedure. Really strenuous exercise like heavy weight lifting should be avoided for 5-6 weeks after surgery.

However, it’s encouraged to do some low-impact activities like walking after liposuction. This alleviates swelling and other problems.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Like for any other surgery, you can’t drink alcohol for a while. If you’re on pain medications, you’ll have to avoid drinking alcohol for at least 1 week. That’s because drinking alcohol will compromise the healing process—alcohol thins the blood and can increase bruising. You’ll be dehydrated after surgery, so the last thing you need is to worsen it. Alcohol is known to cause dehydration. You’ll only be losing fluid from organs that need it when you drink.

Don’t Gain Weight

Ideally, patients have to be at their target weight or close to it before liposuction. If you gain weight, the fat cells that are still present in the area you had liposuction will enlarge. Liposuction is not a weight loss method. You’ll have the best results when you’re at a stable weight. Physicians will recommend that maintaining regular physical activity and a healthy diet is necessary for good results.

Don’t Eat High-Sodium Foods

Eat a well balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Drinking plenty of water helps excessive fluid trapped in tissues (edema) go away faster.

Instructions and limitations will vary depending on your procedure and what your plastic surgeon recommends.


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