Non Surgical Procedures
Non Surgical Procedures

Non Surgical Procedures

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Non Surgical Procedures Offered At SpaMedica Toronto, ON

Are you in search of a non surgical procedure to reduce wrinkles, give a spark to your look or turn back years? For the most advanced, effective and innovative non surgical procedures in the Toronto area, the team at SpaMedica is here to deliver the results of your dreams. Dr. Stephen Mulholland brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his practice, providing a patient experience that is second to none. One of the finest treatment centers in the world, SpaMedica will provide a unique and well rounded experience to even the most discriminating of clients.

Acne Treatment Programs Are acne and skin blemishes taking over your life? Do you worry constantly about covering up red and swollen patches of acne? Utilizing our expertise, experience and our desire to bring you the best treatment possible, the SpaMedica team will work with you to find non surgical procedures specific to your needs.

Botox Injectable To turn back the clock and reduce and erase fine lines and wrinkles, a Botox treatment will bring back the youthful look of your dreams. For a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, a Botox treatment at SpaMedica will give you smooth skin and a reflection to be thrilled with.

Cellulite Reduction Are you consistently frustrated by the bumpy appearance of your skin on your abs, thighs, buttocks or hips? You are not alone. Many women and men suffer from cellulite they just can’t seem to get rid of with any amount of diet or exercise. For permanent non surgical procedures that accomplish cellulite reduction, contact our team today for a tailored plan to fit your goals.

FotoFacial RF Pro Facial Skin Therapy Are you frustrated by fine lines, brown spots, facial spider veins and stubborn blemishes? FotoFacial RF Pro treatments combine Intense Pulsed Light, Infrared Laser and Radiofrequency energy to improve the appearance of acne scarring, aging skin, oily skin and sun damage. A FotoFacial RF Pro treatment will leave you feeling bright and renewed!

Injectable Fillers to Smooth Skin and Add Volume For a look that seems like Mother Nature kissed your skin with a youthful and healthy glow, you may be interested in a soft tissue filler treatment providing instant relief and restoration of deep grooves, scars or folds. Come to SpaMedica today for an injectable filler treatment and see results of your dreams.

Laser Hair Removal Are you seeking Laser Hair Removal for you arms, legs, bikini, chest or back? For the most advanced solutions to effective laser hair removal and high tech medical therapy in a spa like setting, SpaMedica will deliver the hair removal results you seek.

Latisse For a treatment that will deliver longer, fuller and darker eyelashes, Latisse eyelash therapy is an easy, at home treatment with proven results. If you have short, thin and light eyelashes and seek to define your eyes, Latisse may be perfect for you.

The Pan G & Pan G Plus – Non Surgical Facelift If you seek a simple and successful way to turn back the clock and take years off your appearance, then the Pan G or the Pan G Plus might be just the procedure for you! The Pan G will deliver “facelift” like effects on the face and neck with additional improved skin tone and dark spot reduction.

Permanent Cosmetics – Makeup Application For a gorgeous appearance immediately upon stepping out of bed in the morning, permanent makeup is an innovative solution to define your appearance with natural looking permanent make up. Using an artist’s touch and the skill of an experienced specialist, the team at SpaMedica can give you the look of your dreams with permanent eyeliner, lip color and eyebrow simulation.

SonoPeel Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion For skin that’s smooth, youthful and blemish free, SonoPeel Microdermabrasion will leave you feeling years younger with a luminous glow. If you have blackheads, acne breakouts or poor quality skin, a SonoPeel treatment will give you a silky smooth look and feel.

SilkPeel Dermalfusion For fresh, clear-looking skin, SilkPeel is the most advanced and dynamic skin treatment on the market today.  Going beyond traditional microdermabrasion, SilkPeel uses advanced Dermalfusion technology to clarify, balance and brighten your skin like never before.

SkinTx® Are you seeking a simple, effective skin solution that you can use in the comfort of your own home?  SkinTx offers customizable prescription strength facial programs to help treat wrinkles and fine lines, acne, uneven skin tone, sun damage and even hyperpigmentation.

Levulan Treatments with Photodynamic Therapy Do you wish you had healthier, younger looking skin?  Levulan Treatment is one of the most popular non surgical procedures that combinse aminolevulinic acid and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) to help smooth and balance skin, even helping to prevent skin cancer.

Blue Light Therapy Do you suffer from unsightly blotches, hyperpigmentation, freckles, rosacea or spider veins? Blue Light Therapy uses advanced blue light technology to penetrate deep into every layer of your skin to absorb and evaporate unwanted pigmentation.

Free Beauty Consultation

Are you interested in improving your appearance but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. That’s why we offer free complimentary and confidential beauty consultations. Learn in person what all your options are for your unique beauty desires, and have all your questions answered in the comfort of the SpaMedica atmosphere. Call 877-712-8367 to schedule your consultation or fill out our online consultation request form.


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