Procedure to Treat Small Droopy Breasts


Patients with saggy breasts suffer from a relatively common condition, specifically deflation and descent of the soft tissue envelope and contents of the breast leading to a droopy breast appearance. In most cases, the droopiness of the breasts is caused by age and postpartum.

The shrinking of the breast gland (mammary involutional hypoplasia) occurs after breastfeeding and then drooping of the breasts from the weight of pendulous, heavy breasts during breastfeeding. With age, deflation and descent, the droopy breast can appear aesthetically displeasing and is a frequent cause for women with a lack of perkiness and projection to seek breast enhancement surgery.


Breast Lift

Procedure to lift breasts up for a more feminine and youthful appearance.

Breast Augmentation

A procedure that uses high tech, man-made, Health Canada approved prosthetic devices, called a breast implant to augment the volume, proportion, and shape of the breasts.

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