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Male Tummy Tuck (Belt Lipectomy) in Toronto

Male Tummy Tuck Before & After Pictures

Starts at $11,999
Procedure Time
3 hours
Recovery Time
Several weeks
Thomas Bell, M.D
Physician and internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeon and lecturer.
66 Avenue Road, Suite 4 Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N8

How Much Does a Belt Lipectomy Cost?

The cost of a Belt Lipectomy depends on various factors. However, the average starting cost is $11,999.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Belt Lipectomy?

While men can normally resume light activities within 1-2 days, it takes several weeks to fully recover from a Belt Lipectomy.

How Long Does a Belt Lipectomy Take?

It takes 2-3 hours to perform a belt lipectomy.

What Is a Belt Lipectomy?

Do you still have excess skin around your waistline, despite losing a significant amount of abdominal weight? Is your loose skin preventing you from reaching your fitness goals? Will a trimmer waist give you back the body image you desire and the self-confidence you lack? If so, you’re ready for a belt lipectomy!

Commonly known as a male tummy tuck, a body/belt lift was designed for men who have stretched abdominal skin that does not bounce back. The loose, excess skin is caused by significant weight loss, and the belt lipectomy procedure removes the extra skin without affecting the belly button or abdominal muscles. The procedure provides men with a leaner abdominal region, as well as a quick and efficient solution to sagging abdominal skin.

Who Is a Belt Lipectomy/ Belt Lift Candidate?

Men need to be in good health to undergo a belt lipectomy. Ideal candidates:

 Are close to their ideal body weight.

●  Have loose abdominal skin that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.

 Have adequate muscle tone.

●  Maintain reasonable expectations.

If you have excess skin but are not a good candidate for a belt lipectomy, consider one of SpaMedica’s nonsurgical body contouring options.

Benefits of a Belt Lipectomy

Improved Shape and Skin Tone
Removing excess skin and tightening the remaining skin improves both shape and skin tone. This provides men with a confidence boost.

Flatter Stomach
Excess skin around the beltline makes it hard to wear clothing that fits properly. A belt lipectomy will give you a flatter stomach that is otherwise difficult to achieve with diet and exercise alone.

Increased Comfort and Mobility
Excess skin at the beltline can make walking difficult and uncomfortable. Even sitting down can become a burden. A belt lipectomy removes the skin, thus increasing comfort and mobility.

Improved Hygiene
Cleaning areas with excess skin must be done meticulously, as problems with hygiene can lead to infections, rashes, ulcers, and more. Once the excess skin is removed, cleaning the abdominal region is much easier and more effective.

Belt Lipectomy Risks

A belt lift is considered a relatively safe procedure. However, the following risks have been reported online.

Infection is possible during any invasive procedure. Dr. Bell and the team at SpaMedica take precautions to reduce the risk of infection. The risk is mild, but those who experience an infection should contact SpaMedica immediately.

The surgeon must make an incision during the male tummy tuck procedure, which leaves a scar. Dr. Bell takes special care to conceal the scar within the pubic hair region. Also, Dr. Bell offers complimentary scar-fading treatments at the large SpaMedica cosmetic laser centre after surgery for those who are interested in lightening the scar.

Some patients experience an asymmetrical abdomen immediately following surgery. However, this typically corrects itself after the swelling dissipates. In rare cases, the abdomen remains asymmetrical.

Bleeding or Hematoma
While rare, it is possible for a small collection of blood or a hematoma to develop under the skin as a result of this surgery. The surgeon will take every precaution possible to prevent this from happening. This includes evaluating the patient beforehand to ensure that he is not at high risk for developing this complication. All complications are managed and corrected as part of your surgical fee.

Why Choose SpaMedica for a Belt Lipectomy?

Dr. Bell can easily evaluate and assess every body type and its particular needs and provide each patient with a plan to achieve their desired results. Patients from around the country visit this innovative clinic for post-weight-loss surgeries. Dr. Mulholland, SpaMedica’s former Lead Surgeon, has developed many well-known and effective body contouring techniques and has taught these techniques to hundreds of surgeons as well.

After 25 years as Canada’s most recognized Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Muholland retired from active Plastic Surgery Practice. He continues to pursue his work with the two companies he co-founded, InMode MD electrosurgical and the BoomerangFX SaaS practice management software, from his new home in London, England. He will continue to educate and teach the science of practice management through his BoomerangFX book and webinar series.



Non-Surgical Belt Lipectomy Alternatives

There is no great non-surgical alternative to a belt lipectomy. Typically, there is so much extra skin that surgery is the only real answer. 

How is a Male Tummy Tuck (Belt Lipectomy) Performed by Dr. Tom Bell?

Before beginning the procedure, the area of planned excision and lift is marked out. Then, the patient is sedated with a local anesthetic or IV sedation. General anesthesia might be used if the patient is combining the belt lipectomy with liposuction or another procedure.

All belt lipectomy procedures are performed by Dr. Tom Bell, who have performed more than 5000 breast augments, liposuctions, tummy tucks and other body contouring procedures.

Next, Dr. Bell will make a hidden incision above the groin and pubic hair. The surgeon lifts the abdominal skin and trims unwanted tissue. The skin is then pulled taut and sutured together. The sutures are below the pubic hairline, so the scar should not be visible.

How to Prepare for a Belt Lipectomy

Proper preparation is critical for a belt lipectomy. Patients should:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Undergo a medical evaluation and testing.

Dr. Bell will go over additional preparation needs during your consultation.

What to Expect After a Belt Lipectomy

It’s normal to feel sore after a body lift/belt lift. As the soreness dissipates, you will begin to appreciate your results. While you won’t get a six-pack from a belt lipectomy, you will enjoy significantly tighter skin, and your clothing will fit and look better.

Belt Lipectomy Recovery and Timeline

Weeks 1-2: Patients experience some mild to moderate discomfort, bruising, and swelling following a belt lipectomy. The discomfort subsides within 1-2 weeks and patients typically go back to light activities and more sedentary work within the first week.

Patients must wear a compression garment for 20-22 hours a day. The garment reduces swelling and promotes healing. The garment sits against the incision line. It’s normal to feel some numbness along that line for up to a year.

Weeks 3-6: Patients continue to wear the compression garment for 12 hours/day

Best Procedures Paired with a Belt Lipectomy

Liposuction, fat grafting, gynecomastia surgery are all commonly performed along with a body lift/belt lift.

Belt Lipectomy FAQ

How Painful Is It to Get a Belt Lipectomy?

It is normal to experience mild to moderate discomfort after undergoing a belt lipectomy procedure. Any pain should dissipate within a few weeks.

How Long Will the Results Last?

People who maintain healthy diets and exercise routines can enjoy the results of a belt lipectomy for many years. However, as the skin ages, it loses elasticity and can sag once again. Men who want to combat this can combine a belt lipectomy with additional body contouring procedures for optimal results. SpaMedica offers complimentary non-surgical skin tightening procedures after surgery.

How Can Abdominal Muscle Repair Be Performed at the Same Time?

Men who have lost a lot of weight and have loose abdominal skin can also develop rectus separation and weakness. The rectus abdominis muscle can be repaired and brought together tightly in the midline during a body lift/belt lift surgery. Post-operatively, all patients are offered EMSculpt and Evolve Tone treatments to enhance their muscle toning.

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