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Procedures to Treat Neck Wrinkles


The causes of neck wrinkles are usually multi-factorial. They can include hereditary predisposition to wrinkling and laxity. Unhealthy lifestyle decisions, including excess sun damage, UV light exposure through tanning beds, smoking, excessive drinking, weight loss and weight gain.

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Are You A Neck Rejuvenation Candidate?

Good candidates for neck rejuvenation treatments are patients with wrinkling, laxity, brown and red discoloration of the neck skin. SpaMedica offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for neck wrinkles.

Procedure Details

  • What causes old looking neck skin?

    There are several large, broad categories and causes for neck wrinkles.  Old-looking skin in general, whether of the neck or back of the hands, décolleté or any area of the body, is generally caused by a combination of hereditary and genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors which exacerbate that genetic predisposition.  The primary cause of old-looking neck skin, namely laxity and wrinkles, with or without neck bands and cords, is caused by hereditary aging.  Depending on your genetic code and makeup, as you age the collagen content, elastin content and ground substances of your skin, those physical structures in your skin that provide elastic recoil and youthful elasticity, are worn down and lost, leading to lax, inelastic, wrinkled, droopy, saggy, lax skin of the neck, hand, inner thigh, back, arms and knees.  Neck wrinkles, which means that the skin is lax and with or without cords, can be made even older with extrinsic, non-genetic causes of skin aging.  These extrinsic or lifestyle choices include prolonged and repeated exposure to ultraviolet light and sun damage, combined with weight loss, weight gain, smoking and poor dietary habits and can take neck skin, skin of the back of the hands, loose skin of the arms, forearm, above the knee or inner thigh and cause further and significant deterioration.  These extrinsic or secondary causes of old-looking skin include increased pigmentation and brown discolouration with very fine lines, crepey skin and skin that often has the appearance of an “iguana or lizard”.

  • What causes old looking neck skin?

    Patients with neck wrinkles skin suffer from a very common aesthetic condition, specifically increased wrinkling, laxity, brown and red discoloration of the neck. The causes of old looking neck skin are usually multifactorial and include hereditary predisposition to wrinkling and laxity. As well as unhealthy lifestyle decisions, including excess sun damage, UV light exposure through tanning beds, smoking, excessive drinking, weight loss and weight gain.

  • What treatment options do I have for old looking neck skin?

    Treatment options at SpaMedica include a number of different therapeutic interventions that can either be excisional or non-surgical and can lead to a very significant rejuvenation of your old looking neck skin.  Surgical treatments for neck wrinkles generally include relatively minor mini-neck lifts to reposition the loose skin and laxity as well as tighten any neck bands or cords.  Those individuals that are not interested or prepared to undergo skin excision procedures have a wide array of successful laser and energy-based systems that have been pioneered by Dr. Mulholland to reduce the old and aged appearance of their skin.  These treatments include fractional laser technology such as fractional CO2 (Fraxel®-like lasers) as well as fractional radiofrequency needle-based treatments (INTRAcel, Fractora™ and eMatrix™).  These fractional devices are applied to the surface of the skin, usually under topical anaesthesia, and provide specialized, proportional micro-injuries to the skin to stimulate collagen, elastin and ground substances to be reformed, improving the elasticity and appearance of your skin.  In addition to these fractional, non-excisional devices, other treatments such as intense pulsed-light or laser-like devices can be used to reduce the brown pigmentation, age spots and brown spots that commonly occur on old-looking skin of the neck, hand, forearm and knee.  Dr. Mulholland has also pioneered and innovated the use of under-the-skin heating devices such as Smartlipo™, laser fibres and BodyTite™, FaceTite™ and NeckTite™ radiofrequency electrical current stimulation that has revolutionized the non-excisional tightening of old-looking skin of the neck, hand and body areas.

    You will benefit from Dr. Mulholland’s wealth of experience and expertise in combining these different modalities to improve your old looking skin and better restore this aged skin to a youthful, smooth, bright and natural looking skin.

  • Will old looking neck skin recur following treatment? And how can I prevent this?

    Once patients have achieved a youthful rejuvenation with a combination of techniques performed, they can protect the results achieved by following healthy lifestyle decisions such as avoiding excessive sun exposure, weight loss, weight gain, smoking and excessive drinking, as well as undergoing recommended maintenance treatments involving fractional lasers, radio frequency, skin tightening lasers and infrared devices, as well as Botox. Using this approach, with relatively minimal maintenance, one to two treatments a year, can leave the neck skin looking youthful, attractive and rejuvenated.


Benefits of Nonsurgical Neck Rejuvenation

  • Your neck will have a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
  • There are a wide range of treatment choices available for rejuvenating your neck skin.
  • After neck rejuvenation treatment your neck will be smoother, fuller and your veins will be far less prominent.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in booking a consultation with SpaMedica Toronto and Dr. Mulholland for your neck wrinkles, simply fill out our online consultation request form or call 877-712-8367 now. Ask for a consultation for your old-looking neck skin with Dr. Mulholland and/or his SpaMedica laser dermatology and aesthetic technicians.

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SpaMedica has gained a reputation as being one of Canada’s oldest and most trusted cosmetic plastic surgery, cosmetic laser dermatology and medical spas. Dr. Mulholland himself has become an internationally-recognized expert in the treatment of old-looking neck skin. Dr. Mulholland has either innovated, pioneered or evolved some of the most advanced laser, radiofrequency and subdermal heating and tightening devices for the management and treatment of old-looking neck skin.  In seeking out SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland, you are gaining the wisdom, expertise and experience of one of Canada’s foremost cosmetic plastic surgeons, as well as one of Canada’s largest private cosmetic laser and energy-based systems, with over 50 devices that can be devoted to the enhancement of your appearance and old-looking neck skin.