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SilkPeel vs. HydraFacial: What are the Key Differences?

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This is one of the most common questions we get at the clinic, so today we’re going to explain the differences between SilkPeel and HydraFacial treatments at our facility. HydraFacial has always been a convenient, affordable option when it comes to exfoliating and hydrating the skin, while Silk Peel is a way to regenerate cells and get rid of skin problems completely.

What is SilkPeel?

The SilkPeel facial is an exfoliating procedure that removes skin cells in the uppermost layers of the skin where damage so often appears. A diamond-tipped handpiece is used to perform the treatment alongside a vacuum-like pore cleanser and dead skin cell remover. Solutions like serums and infusions will be pushed into the skin after the exfoliating treatment to fully treat your skin concerns.

Some key benefits include:

  • There is no downtime required.
  • It is pain-free.
  • Its deep treatment delivers long-lasting results.
  • SilkPeel is an effective treatment for signs of aging, acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

What is HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial boasts very similar treatment steps to the SilkPeel but is known to be better for treating minor to moderate concerns rather than moderate to severe ones. HydraFacials treat signs of acne, aging, and dehydration by pairing an exfoliating tip with vacuum suction and deep cleansing to give you a rejuvenated, hydrated facial.

Some key benefits include:

  • There is no downtime or pain associated with the treatment.
  • It is a successful treatment plan for minor acne, rosacea, and aging concerns.
  • It pairs well with other rejuvenating procedures.
  • It is pain-free and noninvasive.

Similarities between SilkPeel and HydraFacial

SilkPeels and HydraFacials both treat skin concerns like acne, signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and dullness with an exfoliating tip and suction, followed by cleansing serums and gels to rejuvenate the new skin. However, there are still differences between both treatments.

Key Differences between SilkPeel and HydraFacial

SilkPeel and HydraFacial treatments offer similar benefits with some key differences, including how long your results will last, the concerns that can be treated, the depth of each treatment, and how customizable each treatment is to your individual concerns.

Long-Lasting Results

While HydraFacial treatments are usually required every 2 weeks to maintain your rejuvenated results, SilkPeel results last longer due to the depth of the treatment. You can safely receive a SilkPeel treatment once a month, but will see optimal results after 3 treatment sessions and can continue to improve your results for as long as you desire. HydraFacial gives instant results that will be less noticeable and last for less time than SilkPeel results.

Concerns To Be Treated

While SilkPeel and HydraFacial both treat signs of aging such as fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation issues such as rosacea, and skin dullness, SilkPeel also treats deeper concerns such as scarring and stretch marks. If you have minor to moderate skin problems and want a refreshing treatment to have you looking your best for an upcoming event, we recommend a HydraFacial. If you want longer-lasting results for deeper skin concerns, a SilkPeel is the way to go.

The Depth of Your Treatment

As mentioned before, the SilkPeel penetrates deeply into the skin to treat deeper concerns, while a HydraFacial is a superficial treatment that only treats surface-level skin concerns. SilkPeel targets deep beneath layers of your skin cells to remove unwanted concerns while preventing future breakouts. HydraFacial gives you immediate, refreshing results to turn back the clock in one quick facial that you can repeat whenever you need a little extra glow.

Personalized Treatment Plans

SilkPeel treatments are much more customizable to your skin type, concerns, and the severity of your issues. SilkPeel cleanses the deep layers of the skin to remove unwanted concerns and to prevent future bacterial breakouts, clogging, or limited production of collagen. A HydraFacial will be performed similarly on each patient, providing rejuvenated, fresh results on every face it treats but not targeting one concern more than another.

Which One Should You Choose?

You should determine whether you are more of a candidate for a SilkPeel or HydraFacial based on your individual needs and skin concerns – if your skin problems are more severe, you may want to opt for a SilkPeel, while the HydraFacial still boasts similar results for people experiencing minor to moderate issues. By booking a consultation at the SpaMedica clinic, you can learn more about what is best for your skin’s health and how you can put your best face forward with our revolutionary techniques.

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