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What is the VolumaLift?

A VolumaLift is a soft tissue filler injection procedure developed and pioneered by Toronto Plastic SpaMedica AppSurgeon Dr. Mulholland.  The VolumaLift achieves a non-surgical facelift-like effect using a various array of soft tissue fillers and dermal fillers in the strategic buttresses of the face that have undergone deflation with age, weight loss or exercise.   The VolumaLift has been pioneered and engineered by Dr. Mulholland over the past ten years and he has taught thousands of physicians this technique, also known as “Liquid Lift” and Y Lift over the past decade.   During this ten year period of time, he has performed the VolumaLift non-surgical facelift technique on Cityline, Global Entertainment Tonight, CTV eTalk, as well as on the Today Show and The Doctors Show in the United States.  He has taught over 7,000 physicians the technique and his very experienced SpaMedica injection nurses are also experts in the VolumaLift.

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How is the VolumaLift performed?

The VolumaLift is performed using a variety of soft tissue fillers carefully selected by Dr. Mulholland and deployed in various areas of the face to provide soft tissue form and shape and a lift effect using the mechanical forces of these products.  The products that Dr. Mulholland selects for your VolumaLift include Juvéderm® Voluma, hence the name, a soft tissue sugar gel that lasts up to two years.

Juvederm Voluma is one of the injectables used to give back volume to deflated areas of the face in a non-surgical facelift.

Figure 1.  Juvederm Voluma is a Hyaluronic Acid sugar dermal filler and soft tissue filler.  Voluma is popular as it will last up to 2 years, can be reversible and Dr. Mulholland often uses this as the foundation of the VolumaLift  facial reshaping, replacing the volume buttress support of the lost facial fat.  Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Mulholland, has demonstrated his VolumaLift on The Today Show and The Doctors Show.

The VolumaLift addresses the deflation and descent of the face.

Figure 2.  The VolumaLift injectable soft tissue dermal filler procedure developed by Toronto Plastic surgeon Dr. Mulholland addresses the deflation and descent that occurs with age. In youth, the facial shape if fully and oval, while, with age and loss of facial fat the face deflates, the cheeks and soft tissue descends forming smile line, marionette line and jowls. The use of Juvederm Voluma in strategic buttresses of support recreates structure and shape and avoids the dreaded “filler face” that occurs with less talented and knowledgeable injectors.

In addition, certain specialized areas of the face may require the use of Restylane® or Perlane®, as well as Radiesse® or Sculptra®.  After selecting the products that ideally restore youth, shape and contour to your face, Dr. Mulholland then deploys his microcannula technique.  A microcannula is a very small, blunt-nosed tip needle with no sharp edges.  The microcannula is introduced under the skin and passed expertly and stealthily along the deeper soft tissues, injecting the soft tissue filler and dermal filler products at the desired levels and in the prescribed amounts.  The micro cannula is less traumatic, with less bruising and pain and safer, as it is less likely to enter into large facial vessels.

View of microcannula

Figure 3.  The small blunt nosed micro cannula injection technique, pioneered by Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mulholland allows him to inject the Voluma and other soft tissue fillers very gently an safely in the deep tissues with the lowest risk of bruising  and with the lowest risk of vascular occlusion (because it is not sharp). Dr. Mulholland teaches his VolumaLift procedure every weekend all over the United States, Europe and Asia.

The areas commonly injected during the VolumaLift include the area above the brows and into the temporal hollows; the areas under the eyes where age and deflation have created a tiredness; the hollows in temples that create an aged, skeletal and cadaveric look; along the cheek arch and cheekbone, with a degree of subtlety to create an oval shape but avoid the dreaded “filler face”; the areas around the mouth – smile lines and marionette lines; and along the mandibular border and jawline to minimize the appearance of the jowl.  Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mulholland was the developer of the 5 Minute Nose job which uses soft tissue fillers to improve the contour and shape of the nose without surgery. Dr. Mulholland often then finishes by enhancing the lips and the dorsum of the nose.  Virtually all the important buttress of support of the face are injected – areas where deflation, descent and deterioration have occurred.  The VolumaLift restores volume, shape and proportion in a very natural, artistic and beautiful way, minimizing the filler face look and restoring proportion and shape in a natural and aesthetically-pleasing fashion.  Other soft tissue fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm Volift can be used in delicate areas such as under the eye and over the mid cheek.

Often, Dr. Mulholland will combine the VolumaLift technique with BOTOX Injectable and fractional lasers and colour correction lasers to provide a multiple combination therapeutic intervention that will take, commonly, five to seven years off a patient’s appearance.

The aging changes once faces as they get older

Figure 4. Aging changes of the upper and mid-face with loss of facial fat and ligamentous laxity

People face deflation and descent as they age

Figure 5. Deflation and Descent affect the lower face with loss of volume and descent of the cheeks, the formation of deep grooves around the mouth, heavy jowls and a “boxy” look to the face.

Who is a candidate for a VolumaLift?

Candidates for a VolumaLift treatment are those Toronto Soft Tissue Filler and Dermal Filler patients who have experienced deflation, loss of facial volume, descent, sagging and deterioration but do not want to undergo facelift surgery or even thread lift elevation surgery.  VolumaLift patients are individuals who want to achieve an elevation and rejuvenation of five to eight years with the use of soft tissue fillers, BOTOX injectable and fractional lasers alone.  Dr. Mulholland is one of the world’s experts in combining VolumaLift techniques with BOTOX injectable and fractional lasers to achieve just the right degree of youth and beauty.  The contraindications for a VolumaLift would be any individual who may be pregnant at the time of injection or individuals with inflammatory lesions, infective lesions or skin cancers over the area of treatment.

What kind of anesthetic is used during a VolumaLift?

The products that Dr. Mulholland selects during his VolumaLift injection procedure generally have local anesthesia mixed with them and thus “Freeze as they go”.  The local anesthetic combined with the gentle microcannula technique make the VolumaLift procedure very, very acceptable and tolerable.

Restylane at SpaMedica Toronto

Figure 6.  Small particles of HA sugar gel have local anesthetic mixed in, providing numbness and decreasing pain during the procedure.

Is the VolumaLift painful?

The combined use of the microcannula, blunt-nosed needle technique and the local anesthesia and Dr. Mulholland’s own deft hand and skill make the VolumaLift procedure very tolerable.

How long does the VolumaLift procedure take?

Dr. Mulholland performs the VolumaLift generally in approximately 30 minutes.  All areas are expertly injected during that period of time, the BOTOX injectable can be administered and even fractional and colour correction lasers can be applied, all simultaneously, in approximately 30 minutes.  Dr. Mulholland has personally developed this procedure and performed thousands of them.  His steady but efficient hand allows the procedure to be performed quickly, effectively and safely.

The VolumaLift takes years off your face without any surgery

Figure 7. Toronto Plastic Surgeon developed the popular VolumaLift procedure, where soft tissue fillers, such as Juvederm Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra and/or Radiesse are used to replace the loss of facial fat and volume and provide anatomically correct structural volume to support the deflated buttresses of the face, providing in an injection facelift to Toronto soft tissue and dermal filler patients. Not only has Dr. Mulholland performed this procedure live on The Today Show and The Doctors Show, but this Toronto plastic surgeon has taught over 8,000 physicians worldwide his VolumaLift procedure. Other physicians have taken this idea and coined other names, such as Liquid Lift or Y-lift to describe their version of the original VolumaLift procedure.

What areas of the face are injected during the VolumaLift?

As Dr. Mulholland is one of the busiest facelift surgeons in Canada, Toronto Soft Tissue Filler and Dermal Filler patients get that benefit, or overall facial aesthetic perspective, when they see Dr. Mulholland for his VolumaLift procedure.  Most patients are rightfully concerned about receiving over injected cheeks, the dreaded filler face they see on TV and around the city and are thus reassured that Dr. Mulholland’s VolumaLift procedure approaches only the structural support of the face that has been lost with age.  Dr. Mulholland injects various anatomical structural support buttresses that are essential in a natural, youthful face.  Very little product is injected in any given area, but the sum of those multiple areas provides the restoration of a youthful, fresh and attractive contour. The buttresses of support that are assessed and may be treated during your VolumaLift are outlined in Figure 8 and 9.

The VolumaLift addresses the issues of a deflated face

Figure 8.  A.  A youthful face is supported by buttresses of fat and soft tissue support in the brow, under eye, cheek, jawline, lips and even nose.  B. As we age the 3D’s of growing old Deflation, descent and deterioration occur resulting lose of facial soft tissue volume and support and the face falls creating all the “tell tale signs of aging”.  A VolumaLift strategically and structurally used safe soft tissue gels to recreate the buttresses of youth.

The 6 contour aging buttresses are outlined here in this graphic. Non surgical facelifts rejuvenate these areas.

Figure 9.  Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mulholland describes the Contour Buttresses which, when injected during a VolumaLift re-creates a natural youthful shape. Juvederm Voluma is one of the longest lasting HA sugar gel, soft tissue fillers and is often used by Dr. Mulholland for injecting the buttresses.

How long is the recovery following a VolumaLift?

There is a large degree of variance in the recovery following a VolumaLift procedure.  Some individuals such as those who do not generally swell or bruise can look good within a few hours.  Other individuals undergoing the same procedure may take one or two days, with a tremendous amount of swelling and a modest degree of bruising.  However, Dr. Mulholland’s gentle technique combined with the microcannula and the deeper depth of injection greatly minimizes the risk of significant bruising, swelling and asymmetry.  In general, it is best to plan to do these procedures on a Friday, which is Dr. Mulholland’s injection VolumaLift day, allowing you the weekend to recover before returning to work on Monday.  If you’re going to do combination therapy and add a fractional rejuvenation laser or photofacial and BOTOX Injectable at the time of treatment, some patients undergo a significant amount of swelling following this and you may require four or five days before attending any social function.  You may use camouflage makeup immediately if you have any bruising.  Bruising is uncommon; however, when it does occur, it is most common under the eye and around the mouth.  To minimize the risk of excessive bruising, please ensure that you have not taken any aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories several weeks prior to the procedure.  Many patients find the use of arnica montana or bromelain prior to the injection also minimizes the risk of bruising.

What kind of results can I expect?

Dr. Mulholland’s and SpaMedica’s VolumaLift patients are some of the happiest non-invasive facelift patients that he has.  VolumaLift patients generally have done a lot of online research and have had injections at other centres.  When they experience the expert restoration, contour and shape that Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mulholland achieves, that can rarely be achieved by other injectors, they tend to return year after year to maintain the rejuvenation, youth and contour the VolumaLift has provided.  In general, most patients who are in their 40s can achieve five to seven years of youth with a VolumaLift procedure.  Individuals in their 50s and 60s, when combined with BOTOX Injectable and fractional rejuvenation, can often between eight and ten years of rejuvenation following VolumaLift and combination therapy.  Many patients also combine their VolumaLift not only with BOTOX injectable and soft tissue fillers, but with procedures such as the thread lift to elevate their jowls or with some under-the-neck treatment devices such as the FaceTite, which is an under-the-skin heating technique developed by Dr. Mulholland, and fractional rejuvenation to get smoothening and tightening of their neck.  Truly, combination therapy of the neck, jowl and full-face volume shaping can result in some astounding restoration of youth and beauty.

VolumaLift before and after results of a patient

Figure 10.   Toronto VolumaLift patient  who underwent the procedure with Dr. Mulholland using Soft Juvederm Voluma and Restylane, Botox Injectable and Fractional lasers for the smoothening of deeper lines, furrows, wrinkles and Juvederm Voluma  for the loss of volume.  This Toronto Soft tissue filler and Voluma patient looks natural and fresh, as well as 8-10 years younger, without undergoing surgery. Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mulholland developed the VolumaLift and has performed this live on The Today Show and The Doctors show, which are available for view on this website at SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland In The Media.

VolumaLift before and after patient

Figure 11.  VolumaLift patient injected by Toronto Plastic Surgeon on Cityline. 6 Syringes of Juvederm volume and 1 syringe of Resytlane, with Botox Injectable and fractional laser and fotofacial were used in 30 minutes to create this 5-6 year younger rejuvenation.

Before and after results of a VolumaLift patient

Figure 12.  Toronto Soft Tissue Filler patient, who saw Dr. Mulholland for a VolumaLift procedure. He used 8 syringes of Voluma to restore the buttresses of youth for a more rested and fresh, youthful, but still natural appearance.

What are patients saying about their VolumaLift procedure?

Simply Googling Dr. Mulholland and VolumaLift procedures, analyzing the VolumaLift results on The Today Show, The Doctor Show and other television networks, as well as Facebook posts and other social media networks, you can tell that Dr. Mulholland’s skill in delivering the facial cosmetic surgery and VolumaLift rejuvenation makes him one of the world’s foremost needle-based rejuvenationists.  Most patients are extremely happy with their procedure and seek out Dr. Mulholland personally for this treatment.

How long will my results last?

In general, Dr. Mulholland often deploys between four and ten syringes, achieving full brow, temple, eye, cheek, peri-oral and mandibular, nose and lip rejuvenation.  Once you have achieved volume shaping, in general once a year to once every 14- 16 months, maintenance is required, with approximately half that amount.  BOTOX injectable maintenance is then twice yearly and VolumaLift maintenance approximately yearly.

How much will my VolumaLift procedure cost?

Dr. Mulholland is careful to price his VolumaLift so that you’re paying for what you need and not what you can afford.  Because Dr. Mulholland is one of the highest volume injectors in Canada, he’s able to command favourable pricing from manufacturers and he’s able to pass these prices on to you, his VolumaLift patients.  General VolumaLift pricing can start at $4,499 for up to six syringes of Juvéderm® Voluma™. Up to ten syringes of Juvéderm® Voluma™ generally can be achieved for $4,499.  Combination therapy with fractional rejuvenation is often combined at no additional cost and most patients will combine their laser VolumaLif lift with their BOTOX injectable brow lift and facial shaping therapy.

Why choose SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland for your VolumaLift?

As the developer, pioneer and world expert on VolumaLift treatment, most patients seek out Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mulholland for his expertise and his exquisite esthetic judgment.  As Dr. Mulholland is one of Canada’s busiest facelift surgeons, he has an inherent instinct and understanding of facial proportion and beauty and his VolumaLift procedure allows him to offer this kind of facial rejuvenation expertise without a surgical procedure.

How can I show Dr. Mulholland my concerns and see if I am a candidate?

Toronto VolumaLift patients should simply fill out the appointment request form or “ask a question” form and upload up to 3 photos for Dr. Mulholland to review.

How do I schedule a VolumaLift consultation?

If you’re interested in a VolumaLift procedure, simply call 1-877-712-8367 or fill out the e-mail consultation request form and a SpaMedica representative will contact you promptly.  We look forward to seeing you and for you to start your VolumaLift facial rejuvenation journey.


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