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PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal in Toronto

PicoWay Before & After Pictures

Starts at $199-$1,299/treatment
Procedure Time
15-20 minutes
Recovery Time
Within a day

How Much Does a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

At SpaMedica, the cost of a PicoWay laser tattoo removal varies according to a number of factors, including the size of the tattoo and the number of sessions required. However, in general, the cost of a PicoWay laser tattoo removal starts at $199-$1,299 per treatment and $549-$3,399 for a three-treatment package.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

Due to the procedure’s picosecond pulse duration, there is little to no heat and less recovery time following a PicoWay laser tattoo removal. In fact, patients have a dressing and are able to return to their normal routine within a day of treatment.

How Long Does a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal take?

A PicoWay laser tattoo removal takes about 15-20 minutes to perform. However, to achieve optimal tattoo removal results, 6-9 sessions are required spaced 6 weeks apart. When you arrive for your consultation, the SpaMedica doctors will recommend the best course of action for your PicoWay laser tattoo removal.

What is a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

In the past, traditional laser tattoo removals were often synonymous with discomfort and pain. However, recent technological innovations using ultra short pulse duration picosecond lasers have resulted in a procedure that safely and effectively removes pigmented lesions, including tattoos, brown spots, freckles, and birthmarks. Indeed, the PicoWay laser tattoo removal is revolutionizing the treatment of pigmented skin, as well as providing patients with better ink clearance in fewer treatments. The PicoWay has 3 picosecond wavelengths, the 532 nm for red, yellow and orange ink, the 755 nm Alexandrite for black, green, blue and purple ink and the 1064 nm YAG for darker skin and deeper black and green pigment.

Who is a Candidate for a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

There is no particular age restriction for a PicoWay laser tattoo removal, and there is no specific trait that defines a “good” candidate. Fundamentally, good candidates are patients who would like to remove unwanted tattoos, acne scars, wrinkles, and/or dark spots. Those who wish to improve their skin pigmentation in a way that is non-invasive are also perfect candidates for a PicoWay laser tattoo removal. However, as always, the best candidates are in good physical health and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of their treatment.

Benefits of a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

A PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment doesn’t involve any abrasive techniques, which means that phenomenal results are achieved without any harsh irritation.

Less Downtime
Due to their non-invasive approach, PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatments have less downtime than non-picosecond lasers.

Natural-looking Results
The results of a PicoWay laser tattoo removal are natural and long-lasting.

Comfortable Treatment
Whereas traditional laser removal methods were recognized for their high level of thermal discomfort, a PicoWay laser tattoo removal is a more comfortable and gentler procedure.

Risks of a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

Like all procedures, a PicoWay laser tattoo removal comes with the risk of potential complications. Dr. Mulholland and the SpaMedica laser tattoo removal team has been performing these procedures for years and, as such, the risk of a significant complication is extremely low. Please note that all complications are managed and corrected as part of your surgical fee. Although Dr. Mulholland has not seen most of the risks listed below, these PicoWay laser tattoo removal complications have been reported:

Swelling is typical and settles within one week, but can occasionally be visible for longer.

In most cases, redness is resolved in the days after the procedure. 

As in the case of redness, the skin may appear flushed immediately after the procedure. However, this should subside not long after the treatment. 

Discoloration of the Skin
Some patients have reported a temporary lightening of the skin following a PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment. However, this will typically resolve itself, resulting in a normalized skin tone. Loss of skin pigment typically occurs commonly with non-picosecond lasers, but with the PicoWay and PicoSure picosecond lasers this risk is lowest.

Why Choose SpaMedica for a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

SpaMedica Toronto is in a position to offer you many different laser tattoo removal treatments and lasers to ensure you get the best possible tattoo reduction. Dr. Stephen Mulholland is a board-certified plastic surgeon and one of Canada’s most sought-after cosmetic surgery and tattoo removal experts. Over the course of his extensive career, he has pioneered and carefully developed all of SpaMedica’s treatments and programs, including its laser tattoo removal treatments.

Different Types of Laser Tattoo Removal

SpaMedica has 2 different Picosecond pulse duration lasers, the PicoWay and PicoSure lasers and add to that the best of the nanosecond tattoo removal lasers, the Revlite. The Accolade and Affinity tattoo removal lasers are also used by our SpaMedica laser team.

How is a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Performed at SpaMedica?

During a laser tattoo removal treatment, the SpaMedica doctors utilize the advanced PicoWay device to deliver concentrated energy to the targeted area or unwanted pigmentation using ultra-short pulses. The high-powered energy uses photoacoustic energy to shatter the ink particles in the skin, allowing the body to easily carry them away.

How to Prepare for a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Mulholland and his tattoo removal team will review your medications and medical history. Based on the scope of the procedure, SpaMedica doctors may recommend that you stop taking certain medications before the treatment. During your consultation, the SpaMedica tattoo removal team will carefully review your skin’s reaction to the PicoWay device in order to assemble the most optimal treatment plan.

What to Expect After a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal

Following your PicoWay treatment, topical antibiotics and a dressing will be applied to soothe the targeted area. While redness and swelling are part of the recovery, these side effects should subside in the days after the procedure. The dressing will be required to keep the treatment area clean and dry for a few days following the tattoo removal.

Best Procedures Paired with a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

Laser Hair removal, Cellulite or Fat reduction, Botox injectable and Dermal Soft tissue fillers pair well with PicoWay Laser Tattoo removal.

PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

How Painful Is It To Get a PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal?

There is a minimal amount of discomfort involved in a PicoWay laser tattoo removal. Topical anesthesia and laughing gas (ProNox) are used.  In fact, most patients compare the discomfort to that of having the tattoo applied in the first place. Still, while it is normal to experience mild discomfort during the treatment, the recovery period has minimal discomfort.

Can PicoWay Remove Difficult Tattoo Colours?

While traditional laser tattoo removals could not effectively treat difficult colors, the PicoWay, with the picosecond laser wavelengths 532 nm, 755 nm Alex and 1064 nm YAG device is able to target and destroy a wide variety of colours, including bright reds and yellows in all skin types.

What is PicoWay Resolve?

A PicoWay Resolve is a new and exciting treatment option for acne scars and wrinkles. In essence, the treatment involves splitting the PicoWay laser, creating a fractional array of 100 identical microbeams. These microbeams reach below the skin’s surface, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

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