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Vaginal Lightening Procedure in Toronto

Vaginal & Bikini Lightening

Hyperpigmentation of the vaginal, bikini and groin region can be difficult to treat. Individuals of Mediterranean, Asian, Latin, African or Caribbean origin are at a higher risk of the condition. The vaginal & bikini lightening treatment involves 4-6 weeks of chemical bleaching which is usually followed by laser lightening treatment, using the PicoSure or Picoway lasers.

Treatment Programs Prices start between $1,500 and $3,000
SpaMedica, Toronto, ON

Some patients are prone to the increased pigment in their skin.  Some areas of the body are more prone to hyperpigmentation than others such as mons pubis, groin and genital areas. If you have hyperpigmented skin in these areas, you are a good candidate for the vaginal & bikini lightening treatment.

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Vaginal & Bikini Lightening Treatment Procedure Details

What Is Bikini, Perineal, Peri-vaginal and Peri-anal Hyperpigmentation?

Patients can experience the heartbreak of hyperpigmentation syndromes such as melasma, which is increased pigmentation in the facial area, particularly around the mouth, cheeks and forehead region.

Hyperpigmentation syndromes and conditions can occur in other areas of the body particularly the intertriginous areas or hair-bearing skin where there’s a lot of flexion/friction, rubbing and irritation such as the underarms and the groin, inguinal, bikini and genital regions.  Hyperpigmentation may occur in the groin creases, the labia majora, the labia minora, the anatomic region between the vagina and the anus and the perianal skin. Hyperpigmentation in that vaginal, bikini and groin region is difficult to treat and usually requires some type of expert medical intervention. SpaMedica is the first choice for Toronto Bikini and vaginal lightening, bleaching patients because of Dr Mulholland’s 20-year history of cutting-edge melisma and hyperpigmentation lasers and medical treatments.

What are the causes?

The causes of a hyperpigmentation in the vaginal region and perianal region are usually multifactorial.  The number one cause is a genetic risk.  Those individuals with hyperpigmentation risk generally have darker skin or of Mediterranean, Asian and Latino or African or Caribbean origin.  Individuals with hyperpigmentation syndromes generally have a family history of this disorder and may or may not have inflammatory conditions of their hair follicles in the groin, Bikini, peri-vaginal or perianal area.  Increased friction just from normal activities of daily living and also sexual intimacy can in some circumstances make hyperpigmentation worse.  Sun tanning naked, especially UV light tanning beds can make this condition worse.

Are There Treatments for Hyperpigmentation of the Vaginal Area?

Figure 1. Whether it is PicoSure or PicoWay that is the best Picosecond laser for your Vaginal, labial, Bikini, Peri-anal hyperpigmentation, SpaMedica is your choice as we are the only centre with BOTH.
Occasionally, the picosecond will be supplement with intense pulsed light energy devices (the Max G, the Sciton BBL and/ or the Lumecca) and even stronger chemical peels.

There are good medical treatments for hyperpigmentation of the Bikini, peri-vaginal, peri-anal and perineal region. Toronto vaginal & bikini lightening patients find SpaMedica an excellent choice for their treatment, as SpaMedica has a 20-year reputation of high-tech dermatologic cosmetic treatments for syndromes of hyperpigmentation, increased vascularity and skin imperfections.

The first approach is 4-6 weeks of a chemical bleaching and skin lightening agents.  The chemical bleaching agents for the Bikini, groin and peri-anal area are usually prescriptive, meaning SpaMedica dermatologists or plastic surgeons and their skin care coordinators will prescribe a high-tech bleaching agent consisting of Retinoic acids, Kojic acids, strong Hydroquinones and an anti-inflammatory steroid to be applied frequently over 4-6 weeks.  This bleaching agent, although not curative of the problem, will reduce the reactivity of the surrounding pigment cells, put them into a “somnolent” (sleeping), or less reactive phase so the pigment cells are not as reactive to the laser lightening or chemical bleaching that will follow.  After 4-6 weeks of frequent bleaching, some patients have a significant enough improvement that they are done the program with no further treatment required.  Ongoing maintenance home lightening and bleaching regimes intermittently will likely be required.

The second phase of bikini and peri-vaginal lightening treatment usually involves lasers and light-based remedies. Laser and light based techniques and technologies exist that target pigment, even pigment in dark skin individuals. The use of the picosecond technology such as the Picosure or PicoWay can be used to significantly reduce pigment in difficult to treat areas such as the Bikini, groin creases, labia majora, labia minor and vaginal region, the perineum and the peri-anal regions.  The vaginal & bikini lightening treatments are energy, extremely short pulse duration picosecond lasers, which selectively target pigment and pigment-forming cells with a photoacoustic “shattering” effect and very little heat. The Photoacoustic, picosecond energy results in some degree of crusting and desquamation and then healing over several days. The ultrashort pulse duration and the relative absence of significant heating makes the picosecond pigment lasers more effective are removing pigment and brown discolouration with far less risk of reactive hyperpigmentation.  Ongoing bleaching following the picosecond treatment is required to additionally minimize the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (also known as PIH) and to protect the improvement and results achieved with the picosecond lasers.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Toronto vaginal & bikini lightening patients will require several treatments into getting the best lighting. The pre-procedural bleaching program is 4-8 weeks long, followed by several treatments 4-6 weeks apart. It may take 3-9 months to improve the overall appearance of hyperpigmentation in this region.

What kind of Lightening and bleaching results can I expect?

Figure 2. Patient with unwanted Bikini Hair and Pigmentation. SpaMedica treatment for this includes Laser Hair removal and the Bikini, Peri-Vaginal and Peri-Anal lightening program

After the comprehensive vaginal & bikini lightening program, patients at our Toronto clinic can expect between 50-90% reduction in their pigmentation. Ongoing maintenance treatments to protect this improvement are required intermittently through the year after completion.

Maintenance Required

Certainly, patients with hyperpigmentation syndromes will be at risk for recurrence of their hyperpigmentation in the following areas:

  • Bikini
  • Labial
  • Perineal, peri-anal and peri-vaginal region. 

Ongoing home bleaching treatments intermittently are generally required with Retinoic acid, Kogic acid and Hydroquinone products and then intermittent treatments in the clinic with picosecond or intense pulsed light technology are generally recommended.

Risks and Complications

The recovery following vaginal & bikini lightening treatments is marked by some mild degree of irritation of the skin that has been treated.  Mild burning and itching feeling will occur for several days following the treatment and topical ointments are generally administered.  Patients can usually return after a day or two, to normal activities of daily living, but high impact activities such as jogging or running or aggressive sexual intimacy should be avoided for several weeks following the treatment to allow the skin to settle and heal.

Are there any risks involved in the procedure?

There are certainly risks of recurrence or even increased pigmentation following vaginal & bikini lightening treatment hence the need for visiting an expert centre such as SpaMedica where the dermatologists and plastic surgeons and laser technicians have years of experience in treating hyperpigmentation syndromes. By having a gradual, modest, but focused and medical approach, the hyperpigmentation the risks of making the pigmentation worse or scarring and recurrence is greatly minimized.


  • Little to no downtime from regular daily activities.
  • Boost of self esteem. Lightening the pigment of the skin in intimate areas can boost self esteem.
  • Decreased risk as an experienced certified health care professional is providing the treatment here at SpaMedica. There are numerous reports of non medical professionals at spas and people self treating themselves with disastrous results. Burning, scarring, tearing and damaging the anal canal are potential risks when treating yourself or using unqualified individuals for treatment.


To schedule, a consultation for vaginal & bikini lightening in our Toronto clinic should simply call 877-712-8367. Or you can fill out the online consultation request form and submit and a client service representative from SpaMedica should be with you promptly. We look forward to working with you and enhancing the quality of your cutaneous life.

Cost and Payments

The cost associated with treatment depending on the number of areas that are affected and the degree of hyperpigmentation severity.  Generally, comprehensive programs pricing starts between $1,500.00 and $3,000.00 for a comprehensive program of the Bikini, perineal, peri-vaginal and peri-anal lightening and whitening.