Procedures to Treat Skin Laxity


Lax skin of the face can be improved with a facelift, cheek lift, lower eyelid blepharoplasty, upper lid blepharoplasty, brow lift and/or neck lift surgery. Dr. Mulholland is able to create rather significant enhancements and tightening of lax skin of the neck, face, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, arm, inner thigh and knee without the need for extensive excisional surgery.

There are multiple treatment options for skin laxity. These would include surgical (excisional) or non-incisional and excisional techniques. One of the most common and successful methods of improving skin laxity, especially if it is severe and significant, is excisional surgery. The stealth-like scars of these procedures are almost imperceptible in Dr. Mulholland’s hands. The natural restorative outcomes of his procedures have gained him a wide reputation as one of Canada’s busiest and foremost facelift surgeons.



For a restored facial appearance with a tight and youthful contour, a facelift will tighten the neck muscles and remove excess facial skin.


FaceTite is an advanced contouring system that is a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift.


Utilizing a probe that is designed to deliver energy or heat to the underlying fat layer while performing a liposuction procedure.


A hyaluronic acid dermal filler that can control the signs of aging.


A soft tissue filler used to create a more youthful appearance by replacing lost collagen to smooth out facial wrinkles and folds.

Venus Freeze

A non-invasive, suction-coupled infrared and radiofrequency heating device that reduces fat, tightens the skin and contours the body.


Fractora is a fractional skin resurfacing and subdermal tissue coagulation tool that is utilized to enhance the results of fractional lasers and surgical procedures.

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