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Procedures for a Scooped Nose Bridge


People who have a nose bridge scoop suffer from a relatively common nasal and nasal-facial aesthetic disproportion, specifically a weak or “scooped out” appearance to the bridge of the nose. The causes for a scooped or weak nasal bridge can be developmental and hereditary with undergrowth of the bone and cartilage that support the nasal bridge, or traumatic following an injury to the bridge of the nose during development, or from over resection of the bridge structures, both bone and cartilage during a previous nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.


One of the most commonly performed procedures for the nose bridge scoop or weakness of the bridge is the Injection Rhinoplasty or the 5 Minute Nose Job. During this procedure, long acting gels are injected into the bridge of the nose to provide bridge strength and structure and improve nasal-facial proportion and aesthetics.

The injectable rhinoplasty procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The soft tissue gel is safe, can be reversible and improves the strength of the bridge to provide improved aesthetics and also functionality in maintaining a bridge upon which glasses and sunglasses can be supported. Insufficient bridge strength is common among Asian, Hispanic and some Mediterranean patients. An injection rhinoplasty can last up to 2 years before having to be repeated. It is possible, depending upon the soft tissue dermal filler used, to undergo an injection rhinoplasty procedure and then, eventually, convert to a real surgical nose job.

Patients with a nose bridge scoop can have the weakness of the bridge improved with a cosmetic rhinoplasty or nose job surgery, in which tissues such as cartilage and bone can be recruited from the hip, the rib or the outer table of the skull and surgically transferred to the bridge of the nose to provide long-lasting bridge support and projection.

Alternatively, during a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure, artificial materials such as Silastic or porous hydroxyapatite struts can be inserted under the skin of the bridge of the nose to provide strength, support and improved nasal-facial aesthetics.


Injection rhinoplasty or five minute nose jobs performed to correct a nose bridge scoop should have aesthetically pleasing bridge augmented results for up to two years. As the soft tissue gel dissipates on the bridge of the nose, subsequent injections can be performed. Cosmetic surgical rhinoplasty procedures performed to augment bridge scoops or insufficiently strong bridges can often last many years to a lifetime, depending on the substance and structure that is used to create the nasal bridge.

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SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre recommends the following procedures to patients looking to correct a nose bridge scoop:

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