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Eyebrow Hair Transplants in Toronto – Better than Microblading!

Eyebrow Hair Transplants in Toronto – Better than Microblading!

Eyebrow hair transplantation is the process of taking hair, grafting it and implanting it to existing brows.

It is possible to take from the other eyebrow. Hair can be taken from the back of the head, behind the ears or the upper thighs. The hair in those areas is thinner and creates a pleasant and natural look. For men, who tend to have thicker and more course eyebrow hair, may require hair that is harvested from other areas.

Eyebrow hair transplant is a permanent solution to eyebrow thinning. Your brows will grow and shed, as your native/natural brows do. They do regenerate once the transplant has “taken”.  Typically the patient will see some of the transplanted hair shedding at around three to five weeks after surgery. Hair starts growing again at about two months and the final results can be seen around 10 months.


SpaMedica uses FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplantation to the eyebrows. Typically the entire process requires 50-100 hair grafts, varying by patient.

Cause of Eyebrow Hair Loss

  • Underlying causes can be medical in nature, for example, hypothyroidism or other diseases
  • Repeated plucking of the eyebrows over time can lead to an inability of the hair follicles to produce a hair shaft
  • Burns or injuries
  • Trichotillomania

Sometimes the situation is reversible, however, if the hair has not grown for 18-24 months after the initial loss, it is likely permanent. Your options are artificial camouflage make-up or eyebrow hair transplantation.

Dr. Mulholland pioneered the use of FUE techniques such as the NeoGraft, Artas, and manual FUE techniques to harvest potential eyebrow hairs without noticeable scars.

  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, as an outpatient.
  • The donor site is matched for like hair shafts both in caliber and diameter to that of the eyebrow; these are often from the sides of the scalp above the ear.
  • A small patch of donor hair needs to be shaved very short to facilitate the FUE harvest technique, if the hair on the side of the scalp is long, it can be lifted and laid back over the shaved region so that the donor site is camouflaged while it grows back.
  • Once single hair follicular unit extractions shafts and bulbs have been removed, the donor site of the eyebrow is prepared and cleansed.
  • Under local anesthesia, tiny little recipient slits are made into which the FUE grafts are placed. The single hair FUE graft placement is scientific and artistic and needs to be in the right density and angle.

The new follicular unit extraction grafts pick up a blood supply and start to produce the hair shafts.  The hair shafts can grow quite long so they need to be trimmed regularly.

Single hair FUE graft hair transplantation from the scalp to the eyebrow takes 2-4 hours to perform depending on your particular needs.

The recovery process involves a dressing on the donor site for a short time, but within a few days, the local hair around the harvest site usually covers the donor site, which grows out over several weeks and cannot be detected.

The recipient site in the eyebrow can be crusty for 10-12 days and when the scab falls off, sometimes the shaft does too.

FUE single graft survival and growth is over 90%.

There is no maintenance required.  The results are permanent and the only maintenance is trimming to maintain the adequate length of the brow.

Book a Consultation In Toronto For Eye Brow Hair Transplants

Are you in the Toronto area? If so, visit SpaMedica for a consultation to determine what your needs are for eyebrow hair transplantation. Dr. Mulholland is world-renowned and pioneered state of the art treatments being used today. Get more information here or come in for a consultation and get information specific to you so you can make a smart decision.

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