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SpaMedica offers the most extensive range of nonsurgical body sculpting devices in Toronto and Canada. Our non-invasive fat reduction program is customized to your needs to ensure the best fat reduction results possible. SpaMedica guarantees a visible difference following the nonsurgical liposuction program, or you will receive a complimentary treatment.

SpaMedica offers various nonsurgical liposuction and body contouring procedures. If you have unwanted fat that you are struggling to get rid of, there is no one way to best permanently destroy localized areas of unwanted fat. In fact, there are multiple excellent technologies that have the proven ability to kill fat cells nonsurgically and they all work in a different way. SpaMedica tailors their body sculpting programs for each individual patient.

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CoolSculpting, SculpSure, Noninvasive Liposuction, Nonsurgical Lipo, Noninvasive Lipo, Alternative to Liposuction, Nonsurgical Liposuction, Noninvasive Body Sculpting






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Are you a nonsurgical body sculpting candidate?

  • Are you struggling with pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise programs?
  • Do you have undesirable but limited fat deposits on your abdomen, flanks, back or thighs?
  • Do you wish to achieve a trimmer appearance without having to undergo an invasive surgical procedure such as liposuction


If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then you are a perfect candidate for the SpaMedica body sculpting program.

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Why Choose SpaMedica?

To get the absolute best result and greatest fat cell reduction in that localized collection you do not like, you will have to combine a few modern technologies to get the best results. At SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland has been at the forefront of the development of these technologies and owns them all, so your SpaMedica nonsurgical liposuction coordinator can customize the best multi-technology fat reduction program for you.

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Why Choose SpaMedica?

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What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a term used to describe the use of high-tech energy devices to improve, shape, reduce and contour the body by reduction of localized areas of unwanted fat, toning and building up of underlying muscle and, if needed tightening the overlying skin. This SpaMedica focus on the three elements to good contour, tight skin, reduction of excess underlying fat and muscle definition and tone, make SpaMedica the most experiences, unique and comprehensive non surgical body sculpting center in Toronto.

The unwanted localize fat that is targeted is called the “subcutaneous fat” or, that fat located under the skin, not the fat within the abdomen, called the “visceral fat”. Additional devices can target the overlying skin laxity and the underlying muscle (EMsculpt) while treating the underlying subcutaneous fat.

Nonsurgical Bodysculpting Graphic

Figure 1. Body Sculpting devices target and kill the fat located under the dermis of the skin. This superficial fat is called, subcutaneous fat, or adipose tissue.

What devices are used for body sculpting?

There are a number of excellent body sculpting energy-based devices there are available permanent reduction of localized fat.


One can divide these fat reduction devices into


  1. External noninvasive fat destruction devices
    1. CoolSclupting
    2. SculpSure
    3. BodyFX
    4. Ultrashape
    5. Vanquish
    6. Other non invasive RF devices


  1. Skin Tightening RF devices
    1. Venus Freeze and Legacy
    2. BodyFX
    3. Excilis Ultra
    4. Velashape
    5. Forma plus
    6. Tempsure Envy and Pelleve


3:    Internal energy based direct fat destruction devices

  1. BodyTite Lipo
  2. SmartLipo
  3. VaserLipo


The external body sculpting devices are by far the most popular because they are completely noninvasive, have little to no risk or downtime and can provide a pleasing and permit reduction in unwanted localized areas of fat. The most popular and successful of these external, noninvasive body sculpting devices are all available and integrated in your fat reduction program at SpaMedica, making SpaMedica the largest noninvasive permanent fat reduction center in Canada.

What is the SpaMedica integrated, combination body sculpting program?

SpaMedica has Canada’s largest and most extensive body sculpting program. Because SpaMedica has invested in over 20 different non-invasive permanent fat destruction, muscle building and skin tightening, we that can help you achieve the best possible result and will customize your program to suit your body type, areas of localized unwanted fat, skin laxity and muscle tone and characteristics to create the best custom body sculpting program for each patient.  We use several different fat destruction devices during your non-invasive body sculpting, non-surgical lipo program, as each devices will kill different populations of fat cells in  your target area optimizing your outcome. Some fat cells are sensitive to cooling (CoolSculpt), while other fat cells, that may be resistant to CoolSculpting and cooling, but are responsive to Heating and SculpSure, or electroporation and BodyFX , ultrasound waves and Ultrashape, and/or Microwave and Vanquish. By using different ways to kill fat cells non-surgically, we can summate the percentage of fat cells that die in a particular zone and optimize the contour result by targeting different cell populations with different technologies. We can then combine these focused, permanent fat destruction devices with Skin tightening technologies and EMsculpt muscle building and additional fat destruction programs. We integrate all technologies needed for Skin, Fat and Muscle into one, simple, coordinate program.

What is EMsculpt and how does it create Body contouring?

EMsculpt is a non invasive device that deliver High Intensity, Focused Electromagnetic Radiation to muscles underlying the unwanted fat. In a 30-minute EMsculpt treatment, 20,000 supramaxmal contractions are delivered to the muscle, which, over 6 treatments and 3 weeks, with significant increase the size and number of muscle fibers and well as reduce the amount of fat overlying the muscle. The EMsculpt is ideal to combine with the more focused fat destruction technologies as it will improve muscle tone, bulk and definition (which the fat destruction technologies do not) AND will assist in the fat reduction. EMsculpt is often combined with Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish and BodyFX to increase fat destruction and improve muscle definition and shape. EMsculpt can be used to improve the muscle shape and contour and reduce localized fat of the abdomen, hips flanks and front and back of thigh. A butt lift can also be offered with the EMsculpt.

EMsculpt device used at SpaMedica TorontoEMsculpt device
SpaMedica Toronto and the EMsculpt

Figure 2.  EMsculpt delivers High Intensity (painless) focused pulsed electromagnetc radidaton for 20,000 supramaximal muscles contractions in 30 minutes. Over several sessions, the is 16% increase in muscle fiber size and number and a 20% reduction in the overlying fat. EMsculpt is good for contouring of the Abdomen, Flanks, thighs and ever a butt lift.

Can Skin tightening be combined with my Fat Reduction and Muscle building?

For non invasive body contouring patients, a popular “triple combination” is the implementation of Fat destruction programs using SculpSure, Coolsculpting, Vanquish and BodyFX, with Muscle mass and additional fat reduction using EMsculpt and, finally, to tighten overlying skin, RF bulking heating skin tighteners (Forma plus, Venus Freeze and Legacy, Excilis, BodyFX, etc) can be integrated into the program.

What are the most common dedicated and popular non surgical fat destruction technologies?

The most common SpaMedica integrated body sculpting i, multiple device program incorporates CoolSculpting (cooling fat cells) and SculpSure (heating fat cells) together with BodyFX (electroporation and skin tightening) and the Vanquish (Microwave). By combining components of these four technologies we can optimize the quantity of permit fat reduction the unwanted localize fat cells to various mechanisms of destruction. For fat cells resistant to one modality, we the use alternative body sculpting devices, each of which attacks adipocytyes using an alternative mechanism to increase the chances of fat cell destruction. By combining cooling, heating, ultrasound, electroporation and even microwaves we can guarantee each patient the best possible noninvasive permanent fat reduction. By adding to this program if needed the Excilis, Venus freeze and Venus Legacy, we can also ensure optimal skin tightening, at same time as noninvasive permanent fat reduction. During your SpaMedica Body Sculpting consultation, the best combination of technologies for your unwanted fat contours skin laxity characteristics will be selected.

Unwanted fat cells

Figure 3.  The unwanted fat cells are targeted by the Body Sculpting device. The energy from the device destroys the unwanted fat cells.  Specialized cells from the bodies immune system, the macrophages act like “pack men” and gobble up the dead fat cells, where they are take back to the liver and processed by the liver into harmless elements that are eliminated or incorporated by the body.

What are the most common Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Devices?

The most popular and effective noninvasive, permanent reduction, body sculpting devices include:

     1. CoolSculpting
          a. Sustained, localized cool induced, fat cell death

     2. SculpSure
          a. Sustained, localized laser heat induced, fat cell death

     3. BodyFx
          a. High voltage, irreversible electroporation fat cell death

     4. UltraShape
          a. Pulsed Focused ultrasonic energy fat cell death

     5. Vanquish
          a. Radiofrequency-Microwave energy fat cell death

     6. Exilis
          a. Radiofrequency heating

     7. Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy
          a. Radiofrequency heating

     8. Zerona
          a. Low level light therapy and lipolysis

     9. iLipo
          a. Low level light therapy and lipolysis

How do these noninvasive, permanent reduction body sculpting devices work?

Each of the noninvasive, permanent reduction body sculpting devices work by killing to targets, unwanted localized collection of fat cells, but each device works in but each in a different way and through a unique mechanism.

How does CoolSculpting work and selectively kill fat?

CoolSculpting is one of the world’s most popular, non-invasive fat destruction technologies. It works through a process called “cryolipolysis” or cold induced cell death and apoptosis. Through suction and non-suction, CoolSculpting applicators draw soft tissue up into the applicator treatment chambers and the unwanted fat cells are exposed to to extremely cold temperatures. Fat cells, when exposed to extremely low temperatures between 0°C and 5°C for approximately 60 minutes will undergo a noninflammatory, nonspecific, nonaccredited death called apoptosis. This whole process is called cryolipolysis. Between 22 and 30% of the fat cells in the localized area of unwanted fat will die following a CoolSculpting, cyrolipolysis treatment. The CoolSculpting program consists of two CoolSculpting treatments in each area, six weeks apart. Recovery is quick, there’s very little downtime, very few risks and few complications; making cool sculpting one of the most popular noninvasive body sculpting technologies.

CoolSculpting system used at SpaMedica Toronto


CoolSculpting device

Figure 4. The CoolSculpting device applies the suction coupled applicator to the targeted area and the sustained cooling and hypothermia induces a permanent reduction in a proportion of fat cells.

What is Crylipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a term used to describe the process of fat cell destruction using prolonged (45-60 mins) exposure to very low temperatures. The CoolSculpting device uses suction coupled applicators to draw soft tissue up into the treatment chamber. The chamber cools the adipose tissue town to 5 degrees and sustains this until a large percent of the fat cells being treated permanently die, a treatment process called cryolipolysis. By applying the applicators to areas of unwanted fat, non invasive body sculpting can occur.

Coolsculpting used to freeze fat


Coolsculpting used to remove fat
Figure 5. Cyrolipolysis is the process of localized fat cell destruction induced by the Coolsculpting device.


The process of Coolsculpting and the cryolipolysis leads to the death of a proportion of fat cells in a targeted and treated area, with a resultant decrease in the fat and a reduction is size of the region that accounts for the contour improvement. Coolsculpting is commonly combined with Vanquish and BodyFx for additional fat destruction and skin tightening AND EMsculpt for muscle mass increases, muscle definition and additional overlying fat reduction.

Ultrasound technology

Figure 6.  Applying the CoolSculpting applicator to the area of unwanted fat results in an cool induced injury to a large number of the fat cells, which ends in the death, a process called Cyrolipolysis. The dead fat cells are taken away by the bodies natural elimination system and the soft tissue envelope and adipose tissue collapses and shrinks. The Coolsculpting induced reduction of fat cells in the superficial layer results in a reduction in the size and contour of the target area and a body sculpting result.  The reduction in the thickness of the superficial fat layer can be seen on Ultrasound (above, top) and has been documented histologically and experimental on soft tissue from abdominoplasty surgeries and porcine testing (above, bottom).

How does SculpSure work and selectively kill fat?

Sculpsure used at SpaMedica

SculpSure is gaining in popularity and is also a very effective way to kill unwanted fat cells non-invasively. SculpSure works by applying a laser to is emitted through a non-suction coupled, dynamic cooled applicators to the unwanted areas of fat.  The laser is emitted from the applicator and  penetrates the skin and heats the superficial fat between 45°C and 47°C, a hyperthermic process. Between 25 and 30% of the fat cells exposed to this hyperthermia, elevated temperature undergo a heat induced, noninflammatory, non-necrotic apoptosis and cell death. So, whereas Coolsculpting FREEZES the fat cell, SculpSure HEATS THEM.  The SculpSure Hyperthermal lipolysis protocol, like CoolSculpting, is to sculpt the unwanted fat with 2 treatments, six weeks apart. With SculpSure, like with CoolSculpting, there is no downtime, recovery, and very few risks or complications. Both CoolSculpting and SculpSure can deliver nice, noticeable contour improvements within six weeks after the last treatment. Like Coolsculpting, Sculpsure is often combined with Skin tightening and EMsculpt muscle shaping  and skin tightening technologies.


Sculpsure fat reduction


Sculpsure graphic

Figure 7. The SculpSure delivers through the contact applicator a 1060 nm laser light that heats the fat cells up to a temperature that damages the cell and kills a proportion of them. The Fat cells are processed by the bodies natural elimination system and the targeted area shrinks down, improving the contour

How does BodyFX work and selectively kill fat?

Body FX is a suction coupled, radiofrequency (RF) and electroporation device that can both kill unwanted localized fat and tighten skin simultaneously. This dual function of skin tightening and irreversible electroporation killing the fat, makes BodyFX a very popular body sculpting device either alone, or in combination with CoolSculpting and SculpSure. The suction coupled applicator is applied to the areas of unwanted fat and a technician moves the device in the area, heating the skin to 40 to 42°C with radiofrequency (RF) energy that will ensure, over a series of treatments, that there is appreciable skin tightening. At the same time as the release of basic Skin Tightening RF and synchronous with this bipolar radiofrequency skin tightening energy, is the release of multiple trains of extremely high voltage and ultrashort pulse duration radiofrequency (RF) energy that causes a permanent injury to the cell membrane of the fat through a process called irreversible electroporation. Up to 30 to 35% of fat cells exposed to electroporation will have a series of permanent and disabling pores or holes created in the fat cell membrane, allowing in toxic solutes and substances inside the cytoplasm, which changes the peri-nuclear environment and induces a chemical apoptotic death of the fat cell.

The BodyFX program is one treatment a week for an average of six weeks, as more treatments are required than CoolSculpting or SculpSure, as BodyFX ensures skin tightening as well as fat reduction (which takes more treatments). Studies show up to 400 mL of fat can be destroyed after series of 6 treatments, with  a 15 to 25% improvement in skin tightening can be achieved. Each BodyFX treatment takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes and patients can return to work immediately, with very few side effects, risks or complications. Because the BodyFX both tightens skin and kills fat, it is popular in combination with CoolSculpting, sculpture or on its own. BodyFX is often combined with EMsculpt for the additional of muscle sculpting and additional fat destruction.

BodyFX device
How BodyFX works

Figure 8.  The BodyFX applicator is applied to the area(s) of unwanted fat with suction coupled energy release. The first energy that is applied by the applicator is basic Radiofrequency energy, which heats the fat and the skin and provides skin tightening. The second energy release is high voltage electroporation which damages the cell membrane of the adipocytes and results in the death of a significant percentage of fat cells and a reduction in the thickness of fat in the target area, as well as, tightening of the skin.


BodyFX kills unwanted fat cells through a process called irreversible electroporation (IRE).  Normal fat cells have a constant electrical charge, or polarity across their cell membrane, called the transmembrane potential. There are special “pumps” inside the cell membrane that is constantly pumping out of the fat cell, undesirable substance and letting in the good stuff. These membrane transport zones are called “PORES” and they are tightly regulated by the proton pumps to keep the inside of the cell optimal for the Nucleus and cytoplasm.  BodyFX works via the release of a series of “trains of ultrashort pulse duration (nanosecond) ultrashort high voltage (2KV) pulses which alter the transmembrane potential of the fat cell membrane causing permanent damage to the pore, a process called IRE, or irreversible electroporation. With the fat cell membrane unable to pump out the bad stuff or regulate transport across the cell membrane, various organic solutes and Calcium Cations flow into the fat cell, changing the chemical nature of the cytoplasm and peri-nuclear environment and the nucleus undergoes a non inflammatory death, call Apoptosis, caused by IRE, or irreversible electroporation.

Electroporation of cell membrane

Remodeling of tissue after BodyFX

Figure 9. BodyFX emits basic RF which heats and tightens the skin. The BodyFX applicator also emits trains of high voltage, ultrashort pulse duration electricity, which damages the cell membrane of the fat cell. Large inorganic solutes and calcium cations then come in  thorough the leaky fat cell, poisoning the inside of the cell, turning off the nucleus and inducing a chemical apoptotic death.  As the dead fat cells are removed by the bodies natural elimination systems the thickness of the unwanted fat is reduced.  The skin is also tightened.  Studies have shown that, after a series of treatments an industry leading 400 cc of unwanted fat can be targeted and killed using BodyFX and irreversible electroporation.

How does the Vanquish work and kill fat?

The vanquish is a new, high-tech, large applicator, no touch device that can be positioned over the entire abdomen and hips or the inner and outer thigh and provide treatment at the same time. The vanquish has the largest treatment applicators in the industry, allowing the treatment of extremely large areas with very high frequency, radiofrequency and almost microwave energy, that will selectively heat the subcutaneous fat to 45° for the 20 to 30-minute treatment cycle. Following the Vanquish treatment, there is no downtime, and an immediate return to normal activities with very few risks or complications. A series of 4 Vanquish treatments, once every 1 to 2 weeks is the typical program and a pleasing permanent fat reduction can be achieved in the areas treated. Vanquish is again excellent when used in combination with technologies like CoolSculpting, SculpSure, BodyFx, Ultrashape, Excilis and or Venus freeze and Venus Legacy, to tighten skin and reduce additional fat and EMSculpt to tone muscle and kill additional overlying fat.

Vaniquish device

Figure 10. The Vanquish uses 2 very large panels are placed above the skin of the treatment area (no touch).  The Vanquish releases “microwave like”  RF energy that passes through the fat under skin, but above the muscle and travels from the positively charged applicator to the negatively charged applicator. After a series of treatment, the proportion of subcutaneous fat in the treatment areas is reduced significantly. Common Vanquish treatment areas that can be treated all at once include the hips and abdomen and the inner and outer thighs.

How does Ultrashape work and kill fat?

Ultrashape procedure at Spamedica

The Ultrashape is the oldest FDA approved and internationally recognized body sculpting device that will yield a permanent proportional reduction in fat. Ultrashape uses a transducer that is passed across the localized areas of unwanted fat. The transducer emits a focused, pulsed high-frequency ultrasound energy which oscillates the unwanted fat cells and ruptures them within nonthermal, noninflammatory process leading to a permanent reduction in fat in the areas of unwanted collections. The ultra shape body sculpting device on its own is a series of three treatments once every two weeks for a six-week program. Pleasing and modest reductions in permit shape improvements can be achieved. Ultrashape is commonly combined with technologies like the  EMsculpt, BodyFX, Excilis, and Venus freeze and Venus Legacy as well as the Velashape as these radiofrequency devices will tighten the skin and combined with Ultrashape to reduce the fat and EMsculpt to build and tone muscle and kill additional fat.

Ultrashape fat reduction
Ultrashape kills fat

Figure 11. Ultrashape uses pulsed focused ultrasound waves to kill fat cells and provide an improvement in localized areas of unwanted fat.

How does Exilis work and kill fat?

The Excilis is another well-recognized body sculpting device. The Excilis Ultra combines radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten skin and reduce fat. The Excilis Ultra is best used in combination with the CoolSculpting the SculpSure, Vanquish or UltraShape to provide skin tightening and synergistic fat destruction. EMsculpt also works well with Excilis to deliver muscle tone and additional fat destruction.

Excilis device


How Excilis works

Figure 12. Exilis combines radiofrequency and ultrasound energy in the same pulse form to treat areas of unwanted fat and tighten skin.

How do Venus freeze and Venus Legacy work and fill fat?

The Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy are also popular radiofrequency skin tightening and fat reduction technologies. A series of 4 to 8 treatments result in tighter skin and fat reduction and they are best used in combination with CoolSculpting, SculpSure, Vanquish or Ultrashape.

Venus freeze device


How Venus freeze works

Figure 12. The Venus Freeze and Legacy emits a Multipolar Radiofrequency energy that heats the fat and skin together to the optimal temperatures for skin tightening and fat reduction. In addition, a pulsed magnetic field is released to amplify collagen production.

How does Velashape 3 work and kill fat?

The Velashape 3 is a suction and non-suction coupled radiofrequency device that can be used to tighten skin and synergize the fat reduction with the technologies listed above.

How does Zerona work and fill fat?

Zerona is a completely noninvasive, low-level light therapy system that does not touch the skin, but releases a series of low-level, high-fluence red light diodes that rotate over the fat and stimulates the upregulation of the enzymes that break down the triglycerides. After series of treatments it will also up regulate the adipocyte fat cells to break down fat. Zerona is best used in combination with CooSculpting, SculpSure, Ultrashape and BodyFx.Zerona device

How Zerona works

Figure 14. Zerona is a non invasive, no touch device that use high fluence, low level light therapeutic energy (LLLT) to upregulate metabolic processes in adipocyte fat cells, forcing them to break down triglycerides, shrinking the fat cells.

How does iLipo work and kill the fat?

iLipo is another low-level light technology that can help regulate the adipocytes ability to metabolize triglyceride and reduce the size of fat cells. It is also best used in combination with other more effective noninvasive fat destruction devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the body sculpting devices kill fat cells?

Each of the most popular body sculpting devices will deliver a permanent fat cell injury and result in a permanent reduction of fat and long-term body contouring. Each of the different body sculpting technologies works in a slightly different way using its own unique mechanism to ensure the noninvasive, external application of the energy kills the fat.

The most commonly marketed and deployed CoolSculpting devices use sustained exposure to very low temperatures and a hypothermic fat self-destruction for basically freezing the fat. SculpSure on the other hand, uses sustained exposure to heat or hyperthermia to kill the fat. UltraShape uses focused, pulsed ultrasound waves to destroy the fat cells. BodyFX uses radiofrequency and electroporation to create homicidal holes in the adipocyte and successfully kill fat cells. The Vanquish uses very high frequency electrical energy and microwave-like technology to heat the fat cells leading to permanent reduction. These are the most common, successful devices and all them result in a reduction of fat and the permanent improvement in your body shape and contour. Each of these body sculpting technologies takes two or more treatments and will take few weeks to reveal the results which are predictable and pleasing.

At SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland and his team have found the very best way of delivering the most effective and pleasing permanent fat cell reduction is to combine two or more of these permanent fat reduction body sculpting devices. Together, they can kill more fat cells by different mechanisms and  amplify the body sculpting improvements. This combination of the synergistic fat destruction devices has led to the very popular SpaMedica nonsurgical liposuction and body sculpting program.

What is the SpaMedica integrated body sculpting program?

SpaMedica has Canada’s largest and most expensive body sculpting program. Because SpaMedica has over 20 different body sculpting devices that can help you achieve the best possible result we will customize your program to suit your body type, areas of localized unwanted fat and skin laxity characteristics, as well as muscle shaping and contouring to create the best custom body sculpting program for each patient.

The three layers of a good body contouring result that must be analyzed and, if needed, treated include:

  1. Skin tone and laxity (Bulk heating RF skin devices)
    1. Venus Freeze, Forma, BodyFX, Excilis


  1. Subcutaneous, localized permanent fat destruction
    1. Coolsculpting, Sculpsure, Vanquish, BodyFx


  1. Muscle mass increase, definition and tone improvement
    1. EMsculpt


The most common body sculpting integrated, multiple device program at spa Medicare incorporates Coolsculpting and SculpSure together with BodyFX and the Vanquish. Skin Tightening technology will be added to your program is there is skin laxity.  Muscle tone and definition, as well as amplifying fat destruction will be provided by adding the EMsculpt. By combining components of these three layers and multiple potential technologies we can optimize the permit reduction of fat by exposing the unwanted localize fat cells to one mechanism of destruction and then for fat cells resistant to that modality we expose treat was an alternative body sculpting device an alternative mechanism. By combining cooling, heating, ultrasound, electroporation and even microwaves we can guarantee each patient the best possible noninvasive permanent fat reduction. By adding to this program if needed the Excilis, Venus freeze and more Venus Legacy and also ensure optimal skin tight same time as noninvasive permanent fat reduction. EMscupt is frequently added for muscle definition, tone and additional fat destruction. During your SpaMedica body sculpting consultation, the best combination of technologies for your unwanted fat contours skin laxity characteristics will be selected.

 How long does each body sculpting session take?

Each of these noninvasive body sculpting treatments takes 60 minutes or less. There is very little risk and no down time. There are generally between 2-6 treatments over six weeks depending on your combination device program

Are the body sculpting treatments painful?

In general, all the devices are well tolerated with minimal discomfort or pain. Some patients are more sensitive to different types of energies and may experience a small degree of discomfort that requires a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory or the use of nitrous oxide laughing gas known as Pro-Nox. This is very popular at SpaMedica for treatments that may have moderate discomfort, rendering them painless.

Are there any significant risks or complications to noninvasive body sculpting?

The noninvasive, permanent fat reduction, body sculpting devices are used externally, require no anesthesia, are non-invasive (do not require scalpel excision or operation) and are therefore very safe. The very few complications that have been reported a generally minor can be treated.

When can I return to normal activities after a body sculpting treatment?

Noninvasive, external treatments with body sculpting devices allow patients to return to normal and even high-impact activities immediately. There are no restrictions post treatment, no special instructions or requirements, other than healthy approach to lifestyle. Body sculpting patients are encouraged to maintain a neutral weight and not gain weight during the program if they expect to have success.

What kind of results can I expect with body sculpting treatments?

Patients with realistic expectations most commonly achieve a pleasing and moderate reduction in their localized areas of unwanted fat. The fat cells are killed and therefore the results are long-term. Noninvasive body sculpting results are never as good as minimally invasive liposuction, such as SmartLipo, BodyTite Lipo or Vaser Lipo but for stubborn areas of unwanted fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, non-invasive body sculpting can result in a very pleasing and noticeable outcome.

At SpaMedica we are extremely confident in our combination noninvasive body sculpting program and we offer the guarantee of a complementary treatment if we cannot achieve a measurable reduction in fat at the end of your body sculpting treatments.

Is there a guarantee of permanent fat reduction?

The human body is an amazing biologic system, resilient to insult and in medicine we can never guarantee any results given the variability of the human physiologic response to energy. Whether it is laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, or body sculpting for permanent fat reduction, there is never 100% improvement, but rather a commonly noticeable pleasing reduction. There are always some patients and human DNA that is resistant even to SpaMedica’s advanced combination of permanent reduction devices.  We have developed the most sophisticated body sculpting program in Canada with the greatest number of devices, and as such, we are confident that we will achieve a noticeable and pleasing pinchable able reduction of fat in the vast majority of patients. If we don’t, we will offer a complementary treatment of an alternative mechanism of fat reduction in order to achieve the best possible result and the happiest body sculpting patients.

Can I have body sculpting after traditional liposuction?

Absolutely yes. After six weeks or more following a traditional liposuction technique, noninvasive body sculpting devices can be used to achieve the best and smoothest possible result.

Can I have liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries after body sculpting?

Absolutely yes. Body sculpting with external fat reduction devices does not contraindicate the ability to have separate liposuction or cosmetic surgery. If you have waited at least six weeks since your last body sculpting treatment, any type of cosmetic plastic surgery (body or face) including any liposuction technique can easily be performed.

Are there any more invasive, surgical body sculpting devices or procedures?

Dr. Mulholland the other SpaMedica plastic surgeons perform advanced, minimally invasive liposuction. You may elect to undergo more invasive laser and radiofrequency body sculpting treatment for further body contouring results.  These devices are asserted directly into your fat, under local anesthesia, the energy source destroys the fat directly, and then it is removed. This high-tech procedure is called energy assisted liposuction.

The most popular and successful internal body liposuction devices include:

  • SmartLipo: this uses a laser to destroy fat and tighten skin
  • BodyTite Lipo: this energy device releases high-frequency radiofrequency energy destroy the fat and generate up to 35% area skin tightening
  • Vaser Lipo. This body sculpting device and uses ultrasound energy to soften the fat for easy harvest and subsequent fat grafting

Will my results of localized  non-invasive fat reduction be permanent after body sculpting?

Because each of the body sculpting devices used at SpaMedica results in a permanent fat cell destruction (the adipocyte cells are destroyed), the body contouring improvement achieved is long-term and thus permanent. However, if weight gain occurs in any significant way after the body sculpting program, the fat cells that are remaining in the area will expand due to the increase in caloric intake and will compromise your body sculpting result. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay within 5 pounds of your body sculpting program treatment weight to ensure permanent and lifelong contouring improvements.

Can I lose weight after body sculpting?

Moderate weight loss after the body sculpting program will likely only improve and enhance your outcome but is not necessary to achieve the fat reduction from the body sculpting devices. However, excessive weight loss should be avoided as it may lead to skin laxity, or extra skin in the area, and compromise your appearance. Controlled and systematic weight loss, with behavior modification overtime, is always the safest way to achieve a permanent weight neutrality and allow skin elasticity to adapt. Adding skin tightening devices and treatments to your fat reduction body sculpting, will usually overcome moderate weight loss.

Can I have body sculpting after weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass or lap banding?

Once you are healed from the weight-loss surgery, gastric balloon, lap banding, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass, you may then be a candidate for body sculpting. However, it is encouraged that you first lose the weight that is planned following your gastric surgery and stabilize for six months or more before you consider a body sculpting program.

Will body sculpting improve my stretch marks?

Body sculpting treatments will not improve your stretch marks significantly. However the inclusion of other technologies such as fractional radiofrequency resurfacing including the Fractora, eMatrix, Intracell or Infini, during or after your body sculpting program can achieve appreciable and pleasing stretch mark improvement.

Are there any maintenance treatments required after body sculpting?

After a successful body sculpting program there will be a permanent reduction improvement in your body contour. For the fat that has been destroyed there is no maintenance treatment required. Additional treatments with other technologies that kill fat using other mechanisms may be selected to increase and enhance the overall body contour result. However, this is not maintenance but an additional enhancement treatment option. For those body sculpting patients that have some degree of loose skin, then radiofrequency heating of that skin will be included as part of the program to achieve skin tightening. If you achieve the degree of skin tightening that you are pleased with, then yes maintenance radiofrequency energy treatments will be required to ensure the collagen content stays high and the skin stays tight after your body sculpting program. The technologies used for skin tightening include BodyFX, Venus Freeze, the Venus Legacy, the Excilis and/or the Velashape 3

What is a body sculpting program cost ? 

The pricing for something program will depend on the size and number of body areas selected and the number devices deployed. In general, the body sculpting price range for the SpaMedica body sculpting program are included in the pricing menu and range from $1900-$4999.

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