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AccuTite® is a new, highly innovative, “injectable radiofrequency energy” device powered by the BodyTite® workstation and manufactured by the world’s leading internal skin tightening company, InMode MD. We are pleased to offer this new technology at our SpaMedica clinic in Toronto.


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Its compact nature, the palm-held AccuTite® can be compared to undergoing an injectable soft tissue filler procedure using a micro cannula, and therefore, they are often performed at the same time.

What is the AccuTite®?

AccuTite® is a new, highly innovative, “injectable radiofrequency energy” device powered by the BodyTite® workstation and manufactured by the world’s leading internal skin tightening company, InMode MD.

Like other BodyTite® applicators such as FaceTite®, NeckTite® and CelluTite®, AccuTite® is a bipolar radiofrequency internal soft tissue tightening device that is non-excisional, minimally invasive, and provides the best possible nonsurgical skin tightening in the world. All of the BodyTite® internal bipolar RF devices have changed the world of nonsurgical skin contraction and body shaping, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction.

One exciting feature of the AccuTite® is found in its very small size!  Because of its compact nature, the palm-held AccuTite® can be compared to undergoing an injectable soft tissue filler procedure using a micro cannula, and therefore, they are often performed at the same time. Due to the extremely small device size and hence less invasive implementation, AccuTite® can be used anywhere on the face or body where loose skin is found. Hence the AccuTite® term “injectable RF,” or “injectable skin tightening.”


Figure 1.  The AccuTite® Skin tightening device is compact—about the size of the palm of your hand. It can be used to inject radiofrequency (RF) energy and tighten skin anywhere on the face, neck or body.

What is AccuTite® injectable skin tightening?

Injectable skin tightening is the term used to describe the use of the AccuTite® to enter the skin with a small port creation needle, then inserting the internal radiofrequency (RF) electrode under the skin. Once the electrode is under the skin, radiofrequency thermal tightening energy is injected directly under the dermis (deep layer of the skin) to tighten, shape, and smooth the skin, improving laxity and wrinkles.


Figure 2. The AccuTite® internal electrode (far left) is smaller than the microcannula (right) used to inject Juvederm, Restylane, Radiuss, Sculptra, and other soft tissue fillers. The AccuTite® internal electrode is inserted under the skin through a port created by a #18 gauge (middle right), and radiofrequency energy (RF) is then injected under the dermis, heating the tissue to therapeutic levels from the outside in. This method leads to significant tightening, smoothing, and wrinkle reduction.

How does the AccuTite® injectable skin tightening procedure work?

The area of skin laxity being treated is first identified and marked. A small amount of local anesthesia injected into the soft tissue to eliminate any pain, and then, much like in the case of an injectable dermal filler, the AccuTite® internal RF electrode is inserted under the skin and RF energy is injected into the soft tissue. This RF energy heats and tightens the fat tissue under the skin, the layers of the dermis, as well as the supportive fibers that keep the skin tight. The internal RF then flows into the external AccuTite electrode which slides along the surface of the skin in tandem with the internal probe, and the external electrode heats the top layers of the skin, gently providing additional superficial skin tightening. This double layer, bipolar RF thermal “sandwich effect” is unique and proprietary to AccuTite® and results in significant skin tightening, laxity and wrinkle reduction. The procedure is often less invasive than the injection of a soft tissue filler.


Figure 3.  The internal AccuTite® electrode delivers or “injects” the RF energy into the fat and sub-dermal tissue on the under surface of the skin. The tissue is heated to 69 degrees, resulting in significant soft tissue contraction. The Injected RF energy, once it has heated the tissue under the skin, flows up to the external electrode, which gently heats the superficial layers of the skin to 40-42 degrees, for non-ablative skin tightening.

How is the injection RF AccuTite® procedure performed?

Areas of soft tissue laxity, wrinkles, and irregularity are identified during the consultation. The skin is then frozen and rendered pain free by the injection of local anesthesia. The use of “laughing gas,” or nitrous oxide renders even the administration of the local anesthetic comfortable. Once the local freezing is completed, the appropriate parameters and settings for  your skin and the region being treated are entered.

The AccuTite® internal electrode is then inserted under the skin through a small access port created by a tiny needle. The treating physician injects RF energy under the skin, which works to heat the subdermal tissue and superficial fat and coagulates proteins, leading to a profound contraction of the fibrous bands and elements that tighten the skin.  After this deep heating and contraction, the RF flows up the external electrode of the AccuTite® that slides along the surface of the skin in tandem with the internal electrode. The negatively charged external electrode receives the injectable skin tightening energy coming up from the positively charged internal electrode and heats the skin to 40-42 degrees, resulting in additional skin tightening.   Once the RF injection is completed, the skin has been optimally and aggressively tightened from the “inside out,” as well as more gently, from the “outside in.”


Figure 4. Skin tightening following AccuTite® occurs from the “Inside out” and the “outside in.”

What kind skin tightening and wrinkle reduction results can I expect?

The BodyTite® hand pieces, from smallest to largest, are the AccuTite®, FaceTite®, NeckTite®, CelluTite®and BodyTite®. (Figure 5)








Figure 5. The FaceTite®, NeckTite®, CelluTite®, and BodyTite® bipolar radiofrequency tighening hand pieces are shown on the left. The AccuTite® injectable skin tightening hand piece is shown on the right and is the most compact of the bipolar hand pieces, providing easy access to all areas where loose and/or wrinkled skin of the face, neck and body may reside.
Peer reviewed physician studies show that the bipolar RF applicators, including the AccuTite® injectable skin tightening, can result in up to 35% area contraction over the course of 1 year, with 25% area contraction occurring by 6 months.
Generally, post AccuTite® injectable skin tightening, patients will notice significant and pleasing tightening effects after 12 weeks, and this improves over the course of 12 months.

Figure 6. AccuTite® performed along the jawline and neck (top panel) and the under eyes and cheeks. (bottom panel)

What is recovery like following an AccuTite® treatment?

When the AccuTite® is performed on its own, without any ancillary or adjunctive treatments, recovery is several days, as there is some swelling and bruising. Some patients are presentable the following day, but it is generally recommended to take at least three days off prior to returning to work. If additional treatments such as the Morpheus, Profound, Ulthera, fractional ablative laser or RF treatments, soft tissue fillers, Botox injectables, or suture suspension thread lifts are combined with the procedure, up to a week or more of downtime may be required before returning to work.

Can soft tissue dermal fillers, Botox injectables and other treatments be simultaneously combined with the AccuTite® injectable skin tightening?

It is very common to first perform the injectable skin tightening AccuTite® procedure under local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. Then, immediately following this, injectable soft tissue fillers or other superficial lasers and energy devices for color correction and additional wrinkle reduction can be applied. The last treatment to be applied is typically Botox injectables. Combining AccuTite® with other noninvasive treatments to address other features of aging skin will lead to greater improvement but may add to downtime and recovery.

What are the risks of injectable skin tightening and AccuTite?

There are very few significant risks associated with the use of AccuTite® and injectable skin tightening for the treatment of laxity, wrinkles, and textual irregularities. The design of the AccuTite® is very high-tech, with automated, temperature, and RF control mechanisms that make it extremely safe in the hands of well-trained physicians, much like the other BodyTite® applicators. However, like all laser and energy-based treatments, such as laser hair removal and even photo rejuvenation, there is a very small risk of a minor burn that may require subsequent treatments and leave a scar. Fortunately, thanks to a range of AccuTite® and injectable skin tightening safety features, the risk of a significant complication is exceedingly small.

What are the areas that can be successfully tightened with the AccuTite® and injectable skin tightening?

Common areas treated with AccuTite® include all sections of the brow, lids, face, and neck, as well as smaller areas of the body that required tightening with or without the need for any liposuction. The face and body “AccuTite” zones are outlined in Figure 7. AccuTite® body skin tightening can treat the loose skin of the upper arms and elbow region, loose skin of the upper abdomen, loose skin and cellulite above the knees, and laxity of the inner thighs. All these areas have been treated successfully with good soft tissue contraction and often in combination with the Morpheus, fractional soft tissue coagulation, and/or other superficial fractional RF or laser technologies.








Figure 7. Common areas of the face and body where the AccuTite® can be applied to successfully tighten loose and wrinkled skin.

Can I undergo a plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift after undergoing the AccuTite® and injectable skin tightening in the same region?

Absolutely, yes. The use of AccuTite® injectable skin tightening will not interfere with a scheduled facelift, or any other plastic surgery lift, even one day post AccuTite®. However, by 12 months or more post AccuTite®, the soft tissue under the skin is somewhat firmer and more fibrous, so you should alert your plastic surgeon that you did have an AccuTite® thermal skin tightening procedure done in the preceding months or years. Dr. Mulholland has performed many successful facelifts and other bodily plastic surgery procedures on areas of skin treated with the injectable skin tightening type AccuTite® technology and he has found no barriers to the decision to undergo a more aggressive surgical procedure afterwards, nor has he found it to compromise results.

Will the AccuTite® injectable skin tightening treatment break down my injectable soft tissue fillers and Botox injectables?

Botox injectables that have been injected previous to the AccuTite® injectable skin tightening will not be affected by the injectable skin tightening heating process as it is bound to the deeper muscle it is blocking. As the injectable skin tightening is performed very superficially, under the dermis, it will not impact the effects of Botox injectable or its longevity. If however, you have had dermal fillers placed superficially within the skin itself, you should avoid using AccuTite® in that region as it may increase the breakdown rate of your dermal filler. However, if the dermal filler has been injected deeper to provide volume replacement on top of the bone or in the deep subcutaneous space, you can use the AccuTite® safely under the skin in that region. The use of injectable skin tightening thermal energy to tighten the undersurface and superficial layers of the skin will have no effect on the placement of soft tissue filler in the deep spaces above bone or in deep fat.

How much does the Accutite® injectable skin tightening cost?

The final cost of your injectable skin tightening will depend upon the number of areas that are treated in face and/or body, the quantity of other products and services that are combined at the same time, such as the Morpheus, Fractora®, and other fractional RF and rejuvenation skin devices, and whether or not soft tissue injectable fillers and Botox injectables are administered as well. In general, the fee for AccuTite® injectable skin tightening alone is very affordable given its significant tightening results, and is far less costly than surgical procedures.

How do I schedule a consultation for my Accutite® injectable skin tightening treatment?

To schedule an AccuTite® injectable skin tightening treatment, simply call the SpaMedica number on this content page, fill out a consultation request form, or live chat us and a SpaMedica customer service representative will be with you shortly.