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6 Things to Consider before Getting Laser Tattoo Removal

May 20, 2017
  1. How much will it cost?
    Laser tattoo removal usually costs approximately 10 times the costs of the tattoo.  Setting a budget for your laser tattoo removal can help your provider come up with a pricing plan that works for you.  Those who have experience with laser tattoo removal are familiar with the fact that it takes much more than a single treatment to effectively remove a tattoo.  Opting for a treatment package can give you peace of mind, and benefit your wallet at the same time.  Finding a reputable dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to perform your procedure is of utmost importance.   “You get what you pay for” is a phrase that is especially true in this case, so make sure you get a professional to get the job done right.   
  2. Are there any side effects?
    Side effects from laser tattoo removal are uncommon, and are quite mild in those cases that they do occur.  There is some discomfort during the procedure itself, but is described as a tolerable sting on the skin.  Other uncommon side effects that can occur post-procedure include muscle soreness, infection, itching, soreness, swelling, blistering, scabbing, and general discomfort.  These side effects can be simply curtailed by strictly following the aftercare instructions provided by your operator.  In some rare cases, hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation can also occur.  Be sure to discuss all the potential side effects with your provider before committing to any laser tattoo removal treatments. 
  3. Will there be any permanent scarring?
    It is imperative not to pick or peel at the scab, as this will greatly improve the chances of any scarring.  Some people’s skin is more sensitive than others, with greater likelihood of developing scars.  With that said, permanent scarring is extremely rare, and occurs in less than 2% of cases.  Staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest at night, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, and following your aftercare instructions will ensure that your skin heals completely.    
  4. Will it be painful?
    The laser tattoo removal procedure involves high energy lasers that break up tattoo ink particles under your skin.  The use of these lasers can produce some discomfort that may be described as painful by some.  If you have a low pain threshold, the use of topical anesthetic creams can help make the discomfort more bearable. 
  5. What are the risks?
    With the progression of science and technology, laser tattoo removal procedures have advanced to the point where they carry very few risks.  Depending on where the tattoo is located, full removal may not be possible and a faint ghost of the tattoo may remain.  A few of the reported issues that rarely occur to some people include risk of infection, permanent scarring, hypo-pigmentation, and hyper-pigmentation.  Talking to an expert to gauge the likelihood of these risks occurring can help you gain a better understanding of whether laser tattoo removal is the right choice for you. 
  6. Is laser tattoo removal safe?
    Laser tattoo removal technology has reached significant advancements in modern times, and has a very low rate of failure.  If you are able to find a reputable doctor that uses state-of-the-art machinery like the technology used by Dr. Mulholland at SpaMedica and follow your post-care treatment plan, you can rest easy knowing that your tattoo will be fully and safely removed following completion of treatment. 

Laser Tattoo Removal

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
Posted by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, MD
has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. He is one of Canada’s most renowned and best plastic surgeons in Toronto with his wealth of experience, artistry, and humbleness towards his patients.

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