Mons Pubis Reduction
Mons Pubis Reduction

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If you are considering undergoing mons pubis reduction, it is important to be well-informed about the procedure beforehand. Find more about SpaMedica’s mons pubis procedures below.

What is the Mons Pubis?

The Mons Pubis is the soft tissue pad over the pubic bone that lies just above the vaginal, clitoris, Labia Minora and Labia Majora. The Mons Pubis is the major hair bearing portion of the pubic region.


mons pubis lift / mons pubis reduction diagram

Figure 1.  The Female vaginal vulvar anatomy showing the Mons Pubis at the very top.

What is a Mons Pubis Reduction and/or Mons Pubis Lift?

A Mons Pubis reduction is a liposuction reduction of a enlarged, over protuberant Mons Pubis. A protuberant or overly enlarged Mons Pubis can be an aesthetic concerns is it can be an undesirable “bulge” visible through clothing and bathing wear.

A Mons Pubis reduction is the use of high-tech, minimally-invasive liposuction technologies such as SmartLipo, BodyTite, FaceTite or ThermiRF, to coagulate the desired amount of the fat under the Mons Pubis and then and remove this liquefied fat using a very small suction tube, called a liposuction cannula.

The Mons Pubis can also sag and descend with age and /or following children. A Mons Pubis lift is a small procedure that lifts and elevates a droopy or saggy Mons. A Mons Pubis lift is often performed in combination with a Mons Pubis Liposuction and Mons reduction.  The Mons Pubis lift a small incision less than the size of a C-section, across the top of the pubic hair, remove excess and lax skin and to elevate and reposition the Mons Pubis itself.  Repositioning of the Mons Pubis also improves the position of the clitoral hood and clitoris, and can improve pleasurable sexual intimacy.

What are the symptoms and Signs of Mons Pubis  fullness or laxity?

Most Toronto Mons Pubs fullness or laxity patients present to the SpaMedica Female Health and Wellness Program complaining of an aesthetically displeasing protrusion and laxity or sagging of the Mons Pubis.  The Mons Pubis, when too full, can show through tight skirts, undergarments and exercise clothing.  Treatment of the Mons Pubis fullness generally involves modern versions of liposuction using energy-assisted devices such as SmartLipo, BodyTite, FaceTite or ThermiRF.  During this modern version of liposuction the fat under the Mons Pubis is injected with local anaesthesia, the fat is then gently coagulated, liquefied and a small suction tube (a cannula) is used remove the fat by aspiration..  A significant reduction in the contour of the Mons Pubis can be performed simply, in an hour or less.  Most patients see significant improvements within three to six weeks.

What are the signs and symptoms of Mons Pubis laxity?

Mons fullness can also be associated with sagginess of the Mons Pubis that descends and droops over the Labia Minora and Majora and clitoral hood.  Generalized Mons laxity can compromise the aesthetic appearance of the Vulvovaginal region, as well as decreasing sexual satisfaction during intimacy.

What is the treatment for Mons Pubis laxity?

Toronto Mons Pubis fullness or laxity patients can be treated non surgically with sub-dermal or tissue-tightening techniques under local anaesthesia such as the V-Tite technology or SmartLipo.  When more significant Mons Pubis lifting or tightening is required, a small horizontal C-section like incision is placed directly above the pubic hair. Lifting and elevation of the Mons Pubis can be performed through this small incision resulting in significant tightening and elevation and firmness of the Mons Pubis region.

mons pubis lift / mons pubis reduction pictureFigure 2.  The goal of a Mons Pubis Reduction is to reduce the fat in the Mons so the contour is even with the lower tummy above.

Can other Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures be performed at the same time as my Mons Pubis Reduction or Mons Pubis Lift?

Many Toronto SpaMedica Mons Pubis reduction and Mons Pubis Lift patients will undergo additional and adjunctive Vaginal rejuvenation procedures including Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and Laser Vaginal Tightening, Labia Reduction, Labia Augmentation, G spot injection and Laser Resurfacing of the aged vaginal.

 These adjunctive vaginal rejuvenation procedures can be combined modern Mons Liposuction reduction for fullness and puffiness of the Mons Pubis region. Laser hair removal techniques to diminish Mons Pubis hair can also be performed at this time.

Are these Mons Reduction techniques and Mons Pubis lift techniques painful?

Both Mons Pubis reduction and Mons Pubis elevation are performed under local anaesthesia.  There is a mild-to-moderate bruising after these procedures, but the symptoms and post procedure discomfort are very tolerable.  Most Mons procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in an hour and patients can return to activities of normal living, immediately.

What is recovery like following Mons Pubis Reduction or Mons Pubis lift?

Recovery following Mons Pubis reduction or lift is very quick.  Patients leave the clinic and return to work the next day.  There will be swelling and bruising with significant swelling and even discolouration of the Mons region as well as the Labia Majora and Minora following the procedure, but generally, the Mons and Labial anatomy returns to normal appearance within two to six weeks.

When can sexual intimacy or activity workouts be resumed?

The return to sexual intimacy or high-impact aerobic activity can be resumed in four to six weeks following a Mons reduction or a Mons lift procedure.

How much does Mons Pubis reduction and Mons Pubis lift cost?

The cost for a Mons Pubis reduction and/or Mons Pubis lift depend upon the amount of tissue and laxity that needs to be corrected. In general, modern, advanced liposuction techniques for a Mons Pubis reduction can cost $2,500 to $4,000; while the Mons Pubis lift, costs approximately $4,500- $5,000, and this can be in combination with Mons reduction. Postoperative scar treatments to minimize or eliminate any Mons lift scars are offered at no charge.

mons pubis lift mons pubis reductionFigure 3.  Abdominal lipocontouring should also include the Mons Pubis as well , or there is a risk the Mons Pubis will become to prominent relative to the flattened abdominal contour.

Who performs the examination and treatment of a Mons Pubis reduction/Mons Pubis  lift?

Dr. Mulholland and the physicians at SpaMedica are recognized as some of the finest specialists in the country; the finest dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  In addition, Dr. Mulholland has appointed as director of the SpaMedica Female Health and Vaginal Wellness program a certified gynaecologist, Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk (“Dr. Sasha”), who is a nationally-recognized minimally-invasive gynaecologist. He specializes in minimally-invasive laparoscopic gynaecological techniques and Vulvovaginal female form, function and rejuvenation procedures.  You will have a thorough consultation and examination with Dr. Sasha, both of the external genitalia Labia Minora and Labia Majora, Clitoral Hood and Mons Pubis, as well as an endovaginal and cervical examination.  Following that, an individualized, customized female vaginal wellness program can be discussed with you.

Figure 4.  Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk, SpaMedica’s Head of the Female Health And Vaginal Wellness program performs a full assessment and examination to ensure you are a Mons Pubis Reduction or Mons Pubis Lift  candidate.

How do I schedule a consultation?

To schedule a consultation for Mons lift or Mons reduction procedure, simply call the contact number listed on this website content page, or fill out the e-mail request form and a client service representative will be with your promptly.

The SpaMedica Female Wellness and Vulvovaginal Health team looks forward to helping you achieve total Mons Pubis and  Vaginovulvar aesthetic and functional wellness.



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